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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Italy and the immigrant shores-impossible to prevent mass migration

There's no way Italy can prevent the humanitarian migrations.

There's a cyclical dynamic of migrations going on in what was once the "old world".  In other words, many Islamic people are leaving their homes in Europe to fight with terrorists in the Middle East. 
At the same time, the desperate people who are displaced by the tragic Middle East wars are fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea, like migrating fish, back into Europe. Untold numbers are dying at sea in the crossings. Yet, the situations are like a circular migration or humanitarian roulette. Where will all of the human tragedies eventually fall - for good or naught? It doesn't take a space satellite photo to figure out how the migrations of refugees from Syria and other Middle East nations are finding their way into Italy to seek refuge.  If the migrants can survive the arduous sea crossings, they can pretty much wash up anyplace on the Italian coast. In so doing, the refugees have escaped from their international aid camps, where there's obviously no future and endless uncertainties. 

In the humanitarian roulette, these refugees put their money down on starting a new life. They're risking whatever it takes to escape the gloom of living their lives as non-citizens of any nation, while surviving in tents and cared for by international aid organizations.

Compounding this humanitarian disaster is the geographic fact that Italy cannot possibly deter the potential for many thousands of refugees washing onto their shores, either alive or dead.  A growing number of refugees are living in exile, displaced primarily from Syria and Libya, but they now have no place to go. 

Nevertheless, they just look at any map, to see where Italy's boot is pretty much of a magnet for migration. Their humanitarian choices are to stay in a refugee camp forever or to escape. Either option is desperate. Consequently, thousands are accepting the challenge of trying to escape, regardless of the consequences.

Obviously, Italy can't afford to care for the numbers of people who are inevitably going to arrive. 

So, here's what I think.  

Italian Americans who have benefited from being welcomed into the United States "melting pot", could organize humanitarian aid to Italy.  We must help the Italians to deal with this crises. Although I have no specific solutions in mind, there are excellent Italian- American cultural groups that can band together to consider how to best support the Italians, as they're becoming overwhelmed by the migrations disaster and for potential worse to come.

Meanwhile, as the disastrous Middle East wars deteriorate ancient civilizations, the Muslims must come up with a solution to their own social survival. Eventually, the roulette wheel of cyclical migration might well become a case of "what goes around comes around". 

Many European Muslims are choosing to leave their homes to go to the aid their Islamic ideologists, in the Middle East. But, the nations they're going into will eventually have to deal with caring for an invasion of outsiders, who might never be welcomed back into Europe.

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