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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz claims Elmer Gantry credentials

Ted Cruz wants a new job. He wants to transfer his Elmer Gantry charisma to become President of the United States. His campaign is based on incendiary rhetoric about preventing a nuclear Iran and protecting the Constitutional Second Amendment. Cruz believes the Second Amendment is somewhow exempt from the Ten Commandments law of "Thou  Shalt Not Kill".  Rather, the Second Amendment envisioned by Cruz will provide for everybody to carry guns, regardless of how many people die preventable deaths as a result of gun violence.

Obviously, everybody who wants a new job knows how important it is to have a current resume. So, let's take a look at the resume for Senator Ted Cruz, because he will proclaim his intention to be President of the United States when he campaigns for the Republican 2016, nomination.

Here's what we know:

Senator Cruz was born on December 22, 1970 in Calgary, Canada.
He is, in fact, the son of American Hispanic immigrants.  He's the first Hispanic Senator to be elected in Texas.  He received his education from Princeton and Harvard - hardly right wing religious institutions. It's possible Senator Cruz wants to run for the lofty job as President because the likelihood of being re-elected Senator is at risk, when voters figure out how his conservatism is inconsistent with his immigrant ancestry and liberal education, in his resume.

Meanwhile, to increase his name recognition, so it isn't a barrier to his ambitious goals, Cruz has led uncompromising and intransigent moves to obstruct any progressive political agendas. Apparently, the Senator's Harvard education didn't enlighten Cruz about how to be a high minded statesman.  

Unfortunately, it's difficult to understand how Cruz learned to be such a right wing obstructionist, when his resume indicates that he should know better.

Senator Cruz acts like a modern day Elmer Gantry. Nevertheless, his Canadian roots and academic education should have taught him to be much more liberal than he presents to the public.

When Sinclair Lewis created his protagonist Elmer Gantry, he described a man who preferred easy money while converting a traveling tent revival crusade. "Easy money" for Cruz will be tunneled to him via the conservative Koch brothers funnel. They will keep the Cruz crusade for President going, regardless of how inconsistent his resume is with conservative credentials.

It's very difficult to understand how Senator Cruz can become President of the United States when we know he was born in Canada. We love Canadians. Nevertheless, given the brouhaha over where President Obama was born, when he was challenged by "birthers", who said he was born in Kenya, it's impossible to understand the duplicitous presentation of the Canadian birthplace of Cruz, who admits he wasn't born in the US.  

In my opinion, Senator Cruz wants money. He's running for President because the cash he earns will be like picking low hanging fruit. Cruz will eventually earn big bucks in speakers fees while he sells his Elmer Gantry political crusade, supporting right wing "windmills". Between speaking engagements, he'll spends his hot Texas summers in a private ocean resort. There are no statesman like credentials in the Cruz resume to be President of the United States. Moreover, Democrats must continue to remind voters about the inconsistencies in the Cruz resume.

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