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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Vladimir Putin disappears: doing an international side step

Personally, I don't believe Russian President Putin is missing. Rather, I believe he's a coward who's hiding behind his Italian mistress, who may have given birth to his love child. (Congratulations, Mr. Putin!)
In fact, on previous posts in Maine Writer blog, I've reported how Putin's mortality will ultimately bring about a collapse of his bloodthirsty Russian regime. 

Unfortunately, it would be too bad if Putin happened to die, before his evil puppet Bashar al-Assad of Syria, was taken out of this earth.

Eventually, Putin will wind up in a mausoleum, similar to Les Invalides, where Napoleon Bonaparte is entombed, in Paris.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has created international drama about his whereabouts. Ironically, his disappearing act happened after he was publicly scorned over a series of ambitiously dangerous events, culminating with the assassination of opposition leader Mr. Boris Nemtsov, by assailants who don't really seem to be the root cause of the murder.

Now the report of a love child born of his gorgeous Italian mistress has surfaced. 

Given the evidence of how President Putin adores looking at himself, shirtless, plus knowing how his ego craves attention, I'm thinking he's deliberately playing a side step with the media.
Maybe, he's finally had a chance to see the funny movie "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".  Putin's penchant for the macho is attracted to  glitzy titles like "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".  Perhaps, Putin was as smitten as all fans of this movie are with the soliloquy by Charles Durning, the brilliant actor, who plays a corrupted Texas governor.  

In Dunning's performance, he sings the following lyrics:

Fellow Texans, I am proudly
) Standing here to humbly say
) I assure you
) And I mean it
) Now, who says I don't speak out as plain as day?
) And fellow Texans
) I'm for progress and the flag
) Long may it fly
) I'm a poor boy come to greatness
) So it follows that I cannot tell a lie
What the hell did he say?
Same as usual. Not a damn thing.

) Ooh, I love to dance a little sidestep
) Now they see me, now they don't, I've come and gone
) And ooh, I love to sweep around the wide step
) Cut a little swath and lead the people on...

God rest the soul of Charles Durning (1923-2012)

It's too optimistic to believe Mr. Putin will soon have a dash in his biography. Yet, just my opinion, but Vladimir Putin is artfully doing a "Durning" side step, in his international disappearing act. Nevertheless, Putin's mortality is as inevitable as that of his egotistical predecessor, Napoleon Bonaparte.

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