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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Debulking email- there's no "there" there

It's impossible to understand how Mrs. Hillary Clinton's email became such a tempest in a tea pot. Wake up you media frenzies! Email is not the place where Mrs. Clinton would disclose her darkest secrets or reveal national security  Those  who are craving a revelation of extraordinary information are somehow forgetting who the victim is in this soap opera. Mrs. Clinton is the lady who has been investigated for every conceivable "windmill" in the political quagmire of media controversies, not one of them proving any substance. She isn't about to start putting anything of substance on email, when she's been abused by media bullies for decades without any evidence at all!  So, media freaks, and even main stream pundits who keep putting this non story in the headlines are loosing sight of who they are dealing with.  Rather than criticize Mrs. Clinton for her management of mega thousands of emails, these talking heads should, instead, read the  messages for any inconsistencies. If there's really email news there, so be it.....but there won't be anything to report. 

The Daily Beast is reporting on a deflation of this stupid story.

A surgical debulking of Mrs. Clinton's email would deflate the issue.  Of course, there's no cure for this media email fanatacism, but until somebody finds information to react to, there's no "there" there.



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