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Saturday, March 14, 2015

American "volunteers" fighting ISIS - this is news can they really fight without pay?

So,  this is the dangerous news the evil ISIS (Islamic State) was waiting to hear. American fighters are volunteering to be with the Iraqi army to defeat ISIS. These volunteers are not "American troops on the ground", say unsourced reports. Rather, they're volunteers. Nevertheless, the Americans are young men who look, to me, like they're capable of having good paying jobs at home. 

So, the question is , who's paying their expenses while they "volunteer" to fight the evil ISIS? Regardless of who's paying, or if they're truely volunteers, the fact is, it's just a matter of tiem before somebody is captured by ISIS.  Then what?

Apparently, the American volunteer fighters have an altruistic mission to reclaim the war they and others fought to win.  Other reports claim the Americans are just "media props". So, their purpose is unclear.

Here's what The Daily Beast is reporting:

Americans ‘Fighting ISIS’ Are Just Props

They went to Iraq and Syria to battle the (ISIS) beheaders. 

But when they got there, they were treated like prisoners—unless reporters were around.

ERBIL, Iraq — They’ve become icons of the ISIS war: foreign fighters, clad in their fatigues, wrapped in checkered keffiyehs, clutching AK-47s, and battling both for and against the so-called Islamic State.

But fresh out of leaving Syria, one American anti-ISIS fighter is cautioning that would-be volunteers’ expectations of battling jihadis don’t sync up with his experience on the ground.

“We were never really engaged in combat. We were never really taken to an area that could be considered the frontline. We were treated very poorly. We were kept in very poor conditions, and the only time we were put in good accommodations was in preparation for interviews for media that were coming through,” said Patrick, who joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) last winter before leaving the group in February.

Now speaking safely from the Iraqi Kurdish capital of Erbil, Patrick agreed to be interviewed for this story on the condition he remain anonymous, as he is concerned about retaliation by ISIS or its sympathizers. Although Patrick is the only one of his former YPG comrades who consented to a formal interview, others he served with have supported his version of events off the record.

Patrick stressed that though he can’t speak for the experiences of all foreign fighters aiding the Kurds, he feels a good number of them now feel lied to about the role they would be playing against ISIS. Many of his fellow fighters, he said, now wish to leave the YPG due to their disillusionment with how it placed its volunteers in front of cameras and not on the frontline.

So, in Julie's opinion, all American fighters are at risk for being prime prisoners of war for the evil ISIS. Now that these American volunteers are subjected to media interviews, it's just a matter of time until one of them is captured and held hostage in front of video cameras. I can't bring myself to consider the consequences of this potential inevitability.

In my opinion, American volunteer fighters in Iraq are useless. They risk putting American security and clandestine operations in the cross-hairs ....unless...and this is another possibility, they're deliberately being used as decoys. 

Regardless of how the American volunteer fighters in Iraq are motivated, somebody is helping to fund their altruism. Who?

Let's pray for everyone's well being as the armies fight for the destruction of evil ISIS. Yet, at the same time, we must question how American volunteer fighters will be effective, when it's the Iraqi army that must win their nation back from evil ISIS.

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