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Friday, March 13, 2015

An Army Officer responds to the #47Senators letter inappropriately sent to Iran

"...this letter has and will continue to do serious damage..." retired Army Officer. 

Newspapers throughout the nation and Europe are denouncing the inappropriate letter signed by 47 Republcian Senators, who interered with foriegn relations by signing a stupid letter to undermine delicate international negotiations with Iran.  They're regretting their ambitious actions, especially since they've experienced a barrage of criticism deluged on them by the media. Yet, it's the military who are voicing the most compelling outrage against the actions of the pack of 47, led by the junior (sophomoric) senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton.  A retired senior US Army Officer sent me this letter today, used with his permission:

"I have spent most of my adult years working on issues affecting this country’s national security, including as a military officer and as a diplomatic representative. I cannot express in strong enough language my disappointment with the members of the US Senate who co-signed the March 9, 2015 letter sent to the Iranian leadership."

"There is no escaping that this letter has and will continue to do serious damage to this government’s reputation within the international community, as well as likely damaging our credibility in all future dealings with foreign governments, including our allies. As for the Iranian negotiations, this letter has the potential of undermining the political and economic pressures that underpin these efforts."

"If the intent of the letter is to scuttle the negotiations, as stated by its author, what then? War? This mindless partisanship has really gone too far."

Senate GOP’s Iran letter sparks American outrage, #47Traitors is a Twitter trend

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