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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Secret Service has gone beyond "three strikes" the entire agency must be replaced

Like the collateral damage done by an out of control rock slide, the US Secret Services continues to undermine its own credibility. In fact, the Russian KGB or the British MI6 couldn't dream of the success the Secret Service has achieved in its own demoralizing self destruction. For an agency responsible for guarding the safety of the President of the United States, this agency is showing extraordinarily scary incompetence. In the past, the failure of the Secret Service has narrowly escaped blame for several near security misses. Obviously, the number of security traps they've succceeded in destroying will never be known.

Nevertheless, regardless of how many nearly disastrous glitches have been exposed about the Secret Service, surely there are probably as many incidents the public will never know about. 

Now, the agency is dealing with drunken agents. 

This behavior is just a half step above the incident where agents were engaged with prostitutes, when they were in Cartagena Columbia, South America.

So, here's my solution to the horribly embarrassing Secret Service's deteriorating security problems. Everyone in the Secret Service must be replaced. Fire every one of the agency's employees. Instead, replace all of them with US Navy Seals.

It seems to me, living in the White House is becoming as dangerous as being sequestered in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone. Therefore, the mansion might as well be guarded by US military with an extremely high level of security training. 

I'm certain Seal Team 6 can handle this important security assignment.

As for the shocking failure of the Secret Service, the agency has gone way beyond the three strikes rule.  "Who's on first?", isn't a funny analogy, in this true story. A truly scary series of events that, by some miracle, have managed to avoid the "hit" of a national catastrophe.

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