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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monica Lewinski is now the bully she's pretending to fight

Mrs. Hillary Clinton should be protected from bullying from the past mistakes of a has been ingenue named Monica Lewinski.

Don't believe for one minute the encore saga Monica Lewinski now reveals out about how her pitiful private life was ruined because of an affair she participated in with President Clinton.  

If Monica Lewinski were really serious about fighting cyber bullying, as she now claims, then she'd stop resurrecting her old persona and do something constructive with her life. 

Instead, Lewinski is programmed with disingenuous narcissism, posing for Vanity Fair photo ops and using passive aggressive bullying tactics to create angst for the one person in her saga who is completely innocent ie, Hillary Clinton. 

"I was romantic, like 22 year old romantic....,"  says Lewinski in her anti bully stump speech. Oh paaaleeze.  Lewinski's past has nothing to do with her new found anti-bullying cause.

There's virtually nothing romantic about hurting innocent people, just because you can. Mrs. Hillary Clinton had nothing whatsoever to do with Monica Lewinski.  Lewinski's political timing is certainly not altruistic.

Nevertheless, Monica Lewinski is determined to cause emotional pain to Mrs. Clinton, the innocent victim, the REAL victim, in her soap opera encore. Lewinski is a 42 year old ingenue who isn't a soap opera star, anymore. 

On the other hand, Mrs. Hillary Clinton is a super star, while Lewinski is a classic anachronism, meaning, she's old news.  

Regardless of how Lewisnski pretends to be advocating for cyber bullying victims, she is clearly recreating her own victimization drama.  

She's the bully her "cause" campaign is supposed to be fighting. Lewinski is the bully, she's her own enemy.



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