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Thursday, October 16, 2014

American women must be diligent about how Republicans respond to our health issues

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) is dodging questions about women's health. 

He's a conservative Republican who has traditionally walked the GOP party line about issues related to women's health. In other words, in the past, Walker has been a rabid pro-life supporter without regard for how a woman's health might be adversely impacted.

Now, the Huffington Post is reporting about Walker's side dance around this important women's issue. Women cannot allow the Governor to remain reticent. 

Huffington reports:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has made it clear in the past that he believes abortion should be illegal, even in cases of rape and incest. But now that Walker is neck-and-neck in the polls against pro-choice Democrat Mary Burke, he is dodging questions on abortion and trying to change the subject.

In my opinion, all politicians seeking state or federal offices should answer a simple two questions survey about women's health: (a) Do you believe a woman should be in charge of her own body's health care? yes or no; and (2) Do women have the right to control their reproductive rights? yes or no.  Simple. No ambiguity.  

Now, reverse the gender. Let's propose for candidates seeking state or national office to answer two like minded questions about men. (a) Do you believe a man should be in charge of his own body's health care? yes or no; and (b) Do you believe men should have access to sexual performance stimulants like Viagra?  yes or no.

These two simple questions, directed to all high minded politicians seeking state or national offices, would quite likely erase these ridiculous personal health care issues from any political party's platform. In a nutshell, the answers are self explanatory  and have no business in any political campaign.

Nevertheless, women voters can't just take our health care rights for granted.  

All women should demand the right to be in control of our bodies and our health care.  Period!  

Politicians who act like they have the rights to fool around with women's health should be removed from office. In fact, I'm ready to propose an Equal Rights Amendment about women's health. Along with the Constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of religious beliefs and a free press, should be added the freedom of women to be in control of our own bodies. If such an amendment passed, politicians like Scott Walker, who have flip flopped about a woman's right to access health care, could be prosecuted for breaking federal law.

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