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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Calling all Democrats! Two branches of government for one will influence nation for foreseeable future

Americans must take this mid term election as seriously as the last presidential campaign. Although voter malaise seems to set in during the mid term campaigns, the 2014 election, particularly, is extremely urgent for Democrats. Our US Supreme Count is in the balance along with the US Senate. Surely, one of the current justices will need to be appointed within the next several years. Therefore, it's a "two branches of government for one" leadership election!

Republicans have used their minority status to create fear among the electorate about immigration, health care reform, women's health and guns. In creating fear, they will bring out their supporters while Democrats appear to be become "mid term passive" by staying home rather than respond in the voting booths.  

Democrats must get out the vote!

There's no way Republicans can push forth their anti immigration, anti voter, anti health care reform and anti women's health agendas if all Democrats make the unequivocal statement by voting these conservatives out of office.

Unfortunately, media reports continue to report how the conservative agenda is creating voter apathy rather than energizing a push back response.  It's time to see momentum in the voting polls and the number of "undecided" may tip the balance.  Usually, the undecided have made their statement by not supporting the status, perhaps the outcome of the mid term election may be in their votes.  Nevertheless, if all Democrats would vote to finally remove Republicans from our nation's leadership, our nation could pass immigration reform and assure women access to health care.....and maybe even take on some truly progressive policies like education and tax reform, too. out to all Democrats.  Vote!  It's a two branches of government for one, 2014 election.

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