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Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear Brian Williams - Monica Lewiniski is old news

Here's a list of real news stories to help the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. He appears to need advice about how to provide news viewers with information, rather than muckraking old political information from the 1990s, just to create buzz.

My top of mind list:

1.  Lead with Richard Engels. Please.

2.  Report on how caregivers in Liberia are facing Ebola.

3.  Interview Secretary of State Kerry about how Turkey is responding to negotiations about supporting international efforts to destroy the evil ISIS.

4.  Provide an investigative report about how America's roads, bridges and airports are in need of infrastructure support.

5.  How have the sequestration cuts imposed by the US Congress impacted the US infectious control response to the Ebola virus?

6.  Interview Cubans in Florida about immigration reform.

7.  Follow yachts out of Key West Florida, as they sail unencumbered into Havana harbor.

8.  Interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.

9.  Report about the Hong Kong protesters.

10.  Investigate Germany's military...does it even exist?  How  can Germany defend itself these days?  Is NATO the German defense Alliance?

So, Mr. Williams, I wrote these 10 ideas in less than 15 minutes. Your  news staff is surely paid many thousands of dollars to create dog features and muckraking stories, rather than report real news.
Maybe your  staff would appreciate my part time help.  

Monica Lewinski is old news.  Just because she's become a champion of anti bullying doesn't make her news. In fact, Monica Lewinski can mobilize Democrats faster than former right wing darling Sarah Palin ever could.

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