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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Governor Rick Perry is not responding to the Dallas health response to Ebola outbreak

Given the extraordinary media attention justifiably being swarmed on Dallas and the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital's admitted wrong response to the city's Ebola outbreak, it seems odd not to be hearing from the state's Governor Rick Perry. It just seems like the governor's leadership should offer condolences to the victims of this horrible Ebola outbreak in Dallas and provide support for Texans in the form of assurance about the state's public health response to the situation. Instead, the situation of "horribles" is  floundering from bad to worse and the end is not yet in sight.  

In another 21 days, the longest incubation period of the Ebola virus, the nation will either have an end to the outbreaks of person to person spread of the disease or not. Hopefully, the second American nurse, who inappropriately traveled with a fever after she cared for the now deceased Mr. Duncan, the Liberian man who died from the virus at Texas Health Presbyterian, has  not infected any others.  Nevertheless, the chances of others becoming ill with Ebola, as a result of the Texas Health Presbyterian blunders, including not monitoring the nurse who wrongfully traveled, raises the risk of more infections.

News media aren't asking for a statement from Governor Rick Perry. Yet, when Hispanic innocent children from Central America were detained in Texas, the governor was front and center with criticism about the state's border security. Now, the governor is apparently speechless about a deadly infection brought to Dallas from a visitor who should have been screened for the Ebola virus when he presented with a fever at Texas Presbyterian. Instead, the patient was sent home, where his illness exacerbated, and he exposed countless others to the virus now causing panic about who is at risk for being the next victim. 

This Ebola outbreak in Dallas didn't arise from immigrant refugee children who  were fleeing from horrific violence, but from one person who entered the US with a passport.

Now, spokespersons from Texas Presbyterian are showing some remorseful leadership by taking responsibility for the error compounded by not monitoring a nurse who cared for Mr. Duncan.
CNN -- A hospital official apologizes for blunders in handling Ebola. Schools close for fear of possible exposure. And health officials consider putting 76 hospital workers on a no-fly list after an infected nurse flew on a plane with a fever.

The Texas hospital where an Ebola patient died and two nurses became infected is apologizing for mistakes made when first confronted with the deadly virus.

Dr. Daniel Varga said the hospital mishandled the case of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Ebola patient who was originally sent home from Texas Presbyterian Health Dallas hospital even after he had a fever and said he was from Liberia.

It's obvious, based upon Governor Perry's reticence about the error now drawing media attention, that he wants nothing to do with this terrible problem.  Maybe Governor Perry should go back to the script, when he blundered so badly in one of his "wanna be" presidential debates. Remember when Governor Perry forgot what federal agency he'd abolish when asked the question during a 2011 presidential debate?  He admitted to an "ooops" moment at the time. Well, seems to  me, the governor's "ooops" has become more than a moment long, now extended to the lack of response to the overwhelming Ebola concerns now permeating the nation.  

Where is Governor Perry? His leadership gaffs are inexcusable.

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