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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Evil ISIS executioner Jihadi John beheads innocents like a non human eviltron- will be brought to justice

Although millions of innocent victims are refugee victims of ISIS terrorism in the Middle East, the fact is, one evil executioner who beheaded at least three innocent men, is himself, living on borrowed time.  Jihadi John's mortality is imminent because his identity is known.

Investigators worked out he was probably left-handed and had a "multi-cultural London accent".
In other words, the ISIS executioner's life expectancy has been reduced to the number of days it will take until he's abducted. Certainly, justice would be served if the executioner is taken alive. Nevertheless, dead or alive, this barbaric man will face timely justice. 

BBCNews reports:

The FBI has identified the militant in the videos depicting the killings of two US journalists and a British aid worker, the agency's director has said.

But James Comey says the FBI will not yet release the name of Islamic State fighter, so-called Jihadi John, who seemed to speak with a British accent.

UK Foreign Minister Philip Hammond told CNN this week they were "getting warm" on the identity of the masked man.

Mr Comey did not say whether the man identified carried out the killings.

He said the FBI was able to identify him with the help of international partners.

American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and British aid worker David Haines, have all been killed alongside a masked man dressed in black holding a knife, who speaks to the camera.

The life of another British citizen, Alan Henning, was threatened in the last video.


Beheading is a medieval form of execution that was enforced upon people who were convicted of seditious crimes. It has been a barbaric form of execution for centuries. Tragically, even the French Queen Marie Antoinette, who was probably innocent of crimes, was the victim of the guillotine.

In the history of beheading executions, the victims were supposed to be guilty of some sort of crime or political sedition. 

Execution beheadings are heinous acts, regardless of the reason. But beheading barbarism, for the purpose of spreading terrorism, is beyond human comprehension.  

Consequently, it seems Jihadi John must be a non human "evil-tron". It's like he's a genetically created monster, created for the purpose of enacting evil for the sake of creating terror.

Jihadi John's victims were innocent people. American journalists James Foley, and Steven Sotloff and British citizen David Haines are among the heinous victims of beheadings by Jihadi John. 

French tourist Herve Gourdel, captured in Algeria, was also executed on video, but his murder was claimed by another splinter ISIS group. Now, in a what appears to be a sequence of "copy cat" beheadings, this barbarism is the new normal among evil doers.

Barbaric executions have been the dark side of the human condition since the beginning of time. 

Now, terrorists are using beheading executions to spread their evil by instilling fear among all civilized people.  

Well, listen up Jihadi John (your ego will likely cause you to seek your name in blogs, so it's possible you're even reading this.....your English language skills makes your literacy evident) listen up! You will not live much longer.  

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