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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Arab allies join in fight against ISIS - common enemy is the black market price of oil

Scott Pelley narrated a timely CBS 60-Minute segment about the dangers of the evil ISIS, the black Muslim extremist terrorist network operating in Iraq and Syria.

Frankly, in the compelling and often emotional program narrative, one statement summed up the entire Arab response. It was about how ISIS is selling black market oil for $30 a gallon. Retail oil sells for about $91- $100 a gallon, so ISIS is clearly siphoning off illegal profits from its black market sales.

How much does ISIS make from selling oil?
Officials from the Iraqi oil industry have said that ISIS reaps $1 million per day in Iraq in oil profits and that if they get the Syrian fields in [areas where they're advancing], the total would be $100 million per month for both Iraq and Syria combined. They sell it for $30 a barrel because it's a black market...The oil is bought through Turkey from Syria, and it's sold to black market traders...

News media relentlessly ask President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, how the Arab nations will unite to assist in the destruction of evil ISIS, the self declared Islamic State? This evil Middle East terrorist group is effectively using fear, barbarism and mass executions to take territory and overcome millions of defenseless victims.

ISIS terrorism has been going on for quite some time, without an apparent response from the Arab nations, even though they are precariously located in the group's sweepingly destructive path.

But, when it became evident how ISIS was capturing oil fields for the purpose of flooding the black market with $30 a gallon oil....well.....that's a whole new threat to the business of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Therefore, it makes perfect sense for President Obama to take advantage of this rare moment of Arab unity against ISIS, for whatever reason, they're agreeing to fight with the US. Black market oil prices, humanitarian refugee crises, barbarism against fellow Muslims ....or for all of the above reasons.

In attacking ISIS in Syria with an awesome volley of 48 Tomahawk missiles, plus air attacks, the US is also showing the world (including OPEC) the unleashed power of the US military.

OPEC's alliance with Great Britain and the United States comes with an awesome reality. It means the US is now in the Middle East for the foreseeable future. Those 48 Tomahawk missiles, with more on the way, are an awesome reminder of how serious Americans are about destroying terrorism, regardless of the price of oil.

Arab nations are not happy about their US alliance with ISIS. Nevertheless, the alternative of seeing oil going to the black market at $30 a gallon, as ISIS advances, is more than OPEC an take.

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