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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"No God condones this...." President Obama

President Obama provided the strongest argument to date against evil ISIS, the self declared Islamic State. "No God condones this...", he said. Amen. Absolutely true. Therefore, Muslims who are carrying the blood of the evil ISIS on their reputation as members of Islam, should take these evil terrorists out, degrade them, destroy them and set up legitimate governments in the Middle East, where these evil power mongers will be prevented from rising to power.

UK (Great Britain) Prime Minister David Cameron said nations must deal with all forms of extremism, including banning "preachers of hate" and fighting "poisonous ideology".

Tragically, the evil ISIS has demonsrated even more henious behavior as one of their splinter terrorist groups executed yet another innocent civilian, this time a French tourist.

BBCNews reports:  French President Francois Hollande has strongly condemned the beheading in Algeria of tourist Herve Gourdel by a jihadist group linked to Islamic State (IS) militants.

The president described the killing as a "cruel and cowardly" act.

He said that French air strikes which began on IS targets in Iraq last week would continue.

Jund al-Khilafa killed Mr Gourdel, 55, after its deadline for France to halt air strikes on IS in Iraq ran out.

Algeria said it would do everything possible to bring the killers to justice.

"Algeria will never ever bend to terrorism and justice will be done. Our commitment to fight this scourge will grow even stronger," said Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra.

'Never cede to terrorism'

"France is going through an ordeal through the murder of one of its citizens, but France will never give in to blackmail," Mr Hollande told the UN General Assembly.

"The fight against terrorism must continue and be stepped up."

He said that French air strikes which began on IS targets in Iraq last week would continue.

"We will continue to fight terrorism everywhere, notably against the group we call Islamic State, which spreads death in Iraq and Syria, pursues civilian populations, persecutes religious minorities, rapes, beheads," he said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the assembly, the president said that Mr Gourdel - who was seized on Sunday - was dead because he was the representative of French people who "defend human dignity against barbarity".

"France will never cede to terrorism because it is our duty, and, more than that, because it is our honour.''
It's impossible to understand how terrorist groups can continue their delusions of power, while assassinating innocent people, without realizing their evil will come back to destroy them and their organizations.

Somehow, the world must provide the innocent victims of terrorism with the tools needed to destroy these barbaric Islamic extremists.

No God condones barbarism. It's our moral responsibility to respond to this evil by supporting those who are in a position to defend themselves against being victims of Islamic extremism's destruction. 


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