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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vladimir Putin is in a strategic-chaotic frame of mind

Vladimir Putin of Russia could exert extraordinary international leadership by creating a collegial relationship with European leaders. Instead, President Putin is leading by creating fear among his potential allies.  

As far as I'm concerned, Putin's Napoleonic behavior began to show when he took Robert Craft's New England Patriot's Super Bowl ring and didn't give it back.  

This kleptomaniac behavior clearly indicated something else going on in President Putin's behavior. In other words, the man's ego transcends his ability to know the difference between doing what's right and knowing what's wrong.

As a result, President Putin doesn't have any compulsion whatsoever to participate in international efforts to bring peace or balance to the world order, unless the process benefits his ego.  

It's like putting more diamonds in his stolen Super Bowl ring. Putin doesn't care how he gets the shiny stones, so long as they wind up on his ring finger. Likewise, Putin has no intention of giving up his ambitions of winning back Russia's long lost Cold War. 

Putin doesn't care that Syrian President al-Assad is destroying his nation, putting millions of his own citizens into a humanitarian crises. Putin only cares about maintaining Russia's access to
the naval base in Tartus Syria.

Putin isn't mentioned as an ally in the war to destroy evil ISIS, the barbaric terrorist group with roots in Syria and Iraq. This omission is in spite of ISIS declaring Putin as an enemy. In fact, Putin probably supports the horrible intentions of ISIS to eliminate as many western fighters in the Middle East as possible, making for fewer to oppose Russia's "big cheese" ambitions in the region.

In my opinion, Vladimir Putin is in a reactionary frame of mind in response to continuous economic sanctions imposed on Russia, caused by his refusal to back away from invading the eastern Ukraine. Putin must create a path to the now isolated annex he claimed in Croatia, so he'll stop at nothing to create a geographical land link. Putin is absolutely determined to create this link by simply  invading the Ukraine. He'll keep this pressure going until the Ukrainians finally get tired of fighting.  

Meanwhile, Putin doesn't care how the economic sanctions imposed by his European and US peers are impacting ordinary Russians. Putin just polishes his stolen Super Bowl ring and waits until somebody isn't looking. Like a sneak football play when the defense is distracted, Putin will march right over the Ukraine and claim all he can take.  

President Putin is in a strategic-chaotic frame of mind. He's a modern Napoleon with Stalinist ambitions.

With one extremely dangerous caveat. Atomic power.

Somehow, Putin must be stopped. His reign of fear could wear down world resistance. Otherwise, all he needs to do is to just wait.

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