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Thursday, September 18, 2014

United States can't trust Iraq to be the troops on the ground Muslims must oppose evil ISIS

Iraq military have been cowards ever since the invasion when President George Bush '41 and General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. led the coalition in Desert Storm.  

Nothing much has changed in the Iraq military since the demoralized Iraqi Army surrendered. Unfortunately, after the American tax payer funded billions of dollars in Iraq military training and equipment for the purpose of aiding them to defend their nation, the result has been the unintended consequence of arming a barbaric terrorist group, calling itself the Islamic State. 

"Many of the Rebels in southern Iraq, where the uprisings began, were either demoralized soldiers of the Iraqi Army or members of anti-regime groups, in particular the Islamic Dawa Party and Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI). Iraqi armed forces were composed largely of Shia conscripts and contained substantial anti-regime elements, and thus many of the government's troops quickly switched sides and defected to the rebels."

Consequently, it makes no sense to put confidence in the Iraq military in an effort to defeat the evil ISIS. Command and control in the Iraq military is non-existent. In other words, the Iraqi army is at risk for turning on the American military, just like they abandoned their own national defense in the past.

What's at risk is the evil ISIS obsession with kidnapping Western hostages for the purpose of barbarically beheading them in heinous beheading executions. President Obama said today, "These terrorists thought they  could frighten us....but when you threaten our unites us...."

Although the world must unite to destroy the evil influence of ISIS, the security of US and allied military must, likewise, be protected. 

But Iraq's military won't help. 

Americans cannot waste more billions of tax money to train and arm an incompetent Iraqi military. Rather, Americans must protect our military from becoming hostages to the evil of ISIS. Instead, a coalition must destroy the barbaric ISIS terrorist group with high technology intelligence and create a viable Iraq government that's competent to lead the nation. 

Obviously, progress towards Middle East stability (if it's even possible) needs plenty of time to succeed, but the world simply can't tolerate the growth of ISIS and its network of barbarism.  

Like the Ebola, the ISIS virus is becoming more virulent over time.
It must be destroyed.

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