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Friday, April 25, 2014

Republicans have no new ideas - many candidates run on fear, misinformation and myths

Pundits are already predicting the 2014 election will be challenging for Democrats and good for Republican candidates. Why? Instead of making hollow predictions, media reports have a responsibility to inform the the public about the ideas and policies defining candidates. Let me list the ideas and policies I see for each party, in a comparison report. After compiling these two quick lists below, I can't find any reason whatsoever for supporting Republican candidates.  

What's most distressing is how Americans are not hearing from the media, in a meaningful way, about how Republican and Democrat candidates are supporting the chance for the middle class to achieve and maintain the American Dream.  

Republican Ideas

1. Cut taxes for the rich

2. Support tax incentives ie corporate welfare for big corporations.

3. Cut social safety net programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for the poor, veteran’s benefits, Pell grants for poor college students and food stamps.

4. Cut medical coverage for women who need access to health care and contraception.

5. Oppose equal pay for equal work for women and men.

6. Increase defense spending to spend on contracts for corporations that receive tax incentives.

7. Control access to voting by restricting polling hours on voting day and requiring picture ID cards, even though third world countries are able to minimize voter fraud with finger print or thumb prints.

8. Obstruction of job creation investments in the economy to build vital infrastructure like bridges, roads, railroads, high speed rail, public transportation and airports, policies that will benefit and improve the quality of life for the middle class.

9. Oppose universal access to health care.

10. Oppose Obamacare while government workers and elected officials enjoy government funded health insurance.

11. Support for unlimited Second Amendment rights regardless of the number of innocent people who are victims of gun violence.

12. Oppose quick path to citizenship for immigrants and asylum seekers.

Democrat Ideas

1. Share the wealth by supporting a graduated tax system based on income.

2. Assess corporations with a fair tax; eliminate loopholes.

3. Support for the promise made to people who invest in Social Security and Medicare.

4. Create support for people who need public assistance like Medicaid for the disabled, severely and persistently mentally ill and the mentally challenged.

5. Support for universal health care.

6. Support for women’s health and safety net for children’s health programs like CHIP and food stamps.

7. Support for equal pay for equal work “Lilly Ledbetter”

8. Support a strong defense system.

9. Support for veterans who give up their youth to defend America.

10. Expand voting rights for all American citizens.

11. Support investment in America’s infrastructure, bridges, high speed rail, roads, public transportation and the jobs associated with these projects.

12. Support for Obamacare.

13. Support for reasonable gun regulations to prevent the growing public health problem of gun violence.

14. Support for education for all children from pre-school through high school, college or technological institutes.

15. Support for a rapid path to citizenship for all immigrants and asylum seekers.

It makes no sense for Republicans to be declaring the 2014 elections as theirs to loose.  Instead of acting like the rooster at sunrise, the Republicans should be creating ideas rather than reacting to worn out old policies where there is virtually no proof of desirable outcomes.  There's virtually no evidence that any of the Republican ideas on my home made list has created one job or improved the human condition.  

Instead of intimidating voters with picture ID cards and obstructing voters rights, I'd like for all Secretary of State regulations to include asking voters to write, on the ballot, the reason why they're voting for a particular candidate. I suspect a required explanation by voters could create an informed electorate, as well as educate those of us who are mystified to understand why anybody would vote for idea void Republicans.

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