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Monday, April 21, 2014

Louisiana's Bible "book" - denying French Acadians raises anti-Catholic discrimination

Louisiana Bible"book" information reveals hypocrisy, posted April 25 2014, in "The Week", in  "Only in America", a side bar segment, - p.4. It's like a Ripley's Believe it or Not religious enigma.  

If the King James version of the Bible becomes Louisiana's state book, then the New Orleans Saints football team should change their name to the "Creationists".

Hypocritical, history denying, politicians and religious zealots in the Louisiana legislature are in the process of passing a law to create the King James version of the Bible as the "official state book". 

What happened to the Bible read by other Christians - like the French Acadians, for example?

Wake up you French Acadians! Those of you who live in the land of Evangeline! This elite selection of the King James version of the Bible as the state "book" is anti-Catholic and anti-French cultural discrimination.

Louisiana has a long history as Roman Catholic territory. Even the state's namesake is King Louis of France and may even have been named after the one who was canonized. Hello?  
St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square (visited by Pope John Paul II), the French Quarter, the Creole French spoken by native Louisianans. Even the state's seal is a Roman Catholic symbol of the Pelican, a water fowl that has a legend of feeding its young from its own flesh and blood.

If the King James version of the Bible becomes Louisiana's state book, then the New Orleans Saints football team should change their name to the "Creationists".

In fact, what's more significant, by singling out the King James version of the Bible, Louisianans are denying the tragic history of the largely Roman Catholic French Acadians, who found refuge in Louisiana before Christian religious zealots took hold there. These down trodden Acadians (Cajuns) were people thrown out of their homes in Nova Scotia (Acadia), in 1755, by the British. Their property was illegally confiscated and their families were separated so they couldn't reclaim their inheritances. Many of these desperate refugees eventually found their way to Louisiana, because it was a Catholic colony where French was spoken. Since the 1800's, the French Acadians have maintained their culture, their Roman Catholicism and tried to retain their way of speaking French. It's an absolute insult to the success Acadians brought to building the cultural economy of Louisiana to have its lawmakers create a state book that excludes the Roman Catholic edition of the Bible.  

Nevertheless, more alarming is how the French Acadians allowed this ridiculous legislation to advance, without squelching it for the discrimination fears it raises. After all, the state's modern history of Ku Klux Klan rallies included Roman Catholics in cross burning hate rallies.

The The Times Picayune newspaper reports on some legislators who are trying to educate their peers, by voting against this bill for the very reason that it has the potential to create religious intolerance.

"In particular, some lawmakers worried that singling out the King James version of the Bible would not properly reflect the culture of Louisiana. The Catholic Church, for example, does not use the King James text," reports The Times Picayune.

"Let's make this more inclusive of other Christian faiths, more than just the ones that use the King James version," said Rep. Stephen Ortego, D-Carencro.

Unbelieveable, but the Louisiana legislators gave the first hurdle of this horrible piece of legislation a pass.  

So, let me get this right.  

When 2015's Mardi Gras rolls around, a time when New Orleans is cashing in on the resulting economic boom this event brings their way, the motto should no longer be "les bontemps roule", but rather, " have made my house a den of thieves..."
(Mathew 21: 12-13 KJV)

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