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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stand your ground is regressive self defense

Floridian lawmakers seem obsessed with protecting the state's regressive Stand Your Ground laws, regardless of how many innocent people might find themsleves in danger, as a result of a mere suspicion of being a threat to anyone who happens to own a gun. Stand Your Ground is protection for anyone who wants to justify the use of force against someone they simply proclaim to be a threat. It regresses the common law people usually comply with regarding self defense. Rather than avoid confrontation, the law invites violence.

This horrible statute allows black booted thugs to reign over innocent people.  

Meanwhile, the Stand Your Ground law has not been a deterrent to gun violence. In fact, Florida is the 8th most dangerous state for violence.  

8. Florida> Violent crimes per 100,000: 487.1

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Rather than allow aggressive gun owners to shoot at will when they are uncomfortable, the best self defense would be to create a society where people live without fear. This is a Utopian wish, but achieving societal well being is certainly a more noble cause than obsessing over Stand Your Ground. 

Americans would be much better off and safer if, instead, we would stand for anti-gun violence and stamp out Stand Your Ground.

Long term self defense in any community requires people to learn how to get along, rather than shoot perceived threatening people at will.



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