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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Governors on two sides of the same coin - Scott Walker and Chris Christie

There's certainly plenty of scandal to keep the Rachel Maddow Show (TRMS) going strong. There's no end to the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's bridgegate widening scandal and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is fending off criminal investigations. These two Governors are flip sides of the same coin. Their political and criminal troubles are in addition to Virginia's ex-governor Bob McDonnell and his wife who are involved in a snake oil corruption scheme. In other words, they're accused of providing undue access to a friend who showered them with gifts in exchange for promoting his snake oil company.

Governor Christie is a larger than life person and political personality. He has cast a big shadow over Scott Walker's troubles.

But Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is in the midst of dealing with the fallout of two criminal investigations, one of which is of particular interest. As early as Wednesday, the release of more than 25,000 pages of e-mails from an ex-staffer were gathered as part of the now-concluded investigation. The probe focused on Walker's time as Milwaukee County executive before his 2010 election as governor and led to convictions of six former aides and allies.

Even if Walker escapes the e-mail release unscathed, he faces an additional inquiry from state prosecutors, who are believed to be looking into whether his successful 2012 recall campaign illegally coordinated with independent conservative groups.

Walker situations haven't generated nearly as much attention as other political controversies, in large part because Wisconsin's secrecy laws have kept a tight lid on information about the investigations.

But Lane Florsheim recently summarized matters nicely: "Charles P. Pierce at Esquire has a good rundown of the lurking scandals: Aides from Walker’s first campaign went to jail for using his Milwaukee County Executive office to campaign for him for governor, another former aide was convicted of stealing money from a fund for families of U.S. soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Walker’s administration gave raises that skirted state limits after a series of phantom job transfers took place. Another corruption probe is ongoing."

TRMS bravely peruses these challenging corruption stories, while Maddow's delivery should put cold chills down the spines of individuals who become the focus of her dramatic descriptions of the facts. In other words, Maddow creates drama out of corruption.

Thank goodness for Maddow.  

Let's only hope Maddow's pursuit of facts, while routing out corruption, doesn't trip over Democrats in her quest for truth, justice and the American way.

Carefully diligent Democrats have the opportunity to stand in the shadows while the Republicans are exposed for their corruption. 

Meanwhile, Walker and Christie are like a bad penny, no longer of any value. They're two sides of a counterfit coin.

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