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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Speaker John Boehner isn't taking his job seriously - sings Zippety-Do-Da classless act

I simply can't imagine what the Republicans would do to President Barack Obama, or House minority leader Nancy Pelosi or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if any or them pulled the Zippety-do-da act, like John Boehner did at a recent Congressional meeting.

David Kurtz reported that's precisely what Speaker Boehner told a Talking Points Memo (TPM) reporter as he was walking into a meeting of his Republican caucus. Boehner was singing a flippant and what could be considered a potentially racist tune while putting forth a plan for cutting spending and raising the debt limit.

What would Republicans do if Democratic party leaders had created such lack of sincerity, prior to a crucial vote?

Speaker Boehner singing "Zippety-do-da" is an arrogant way of showing disdain for his job. Perhaps Boehner thinks he's really the star of a Disney movie-cartoon, rather than the Speaker of the House of Representative. This acting out leads us to wonder what Speaker Boehner might be up to in his spare time? Obviously, he's watching Disney movies.

It's distressing to realize how the people of Ohio have voted for Speaker Boehner to be their US Congressman. Nevertheless, I doubt Ohio voters want to continue to support Boehner as a Disney cartoon character. It's a lot cheaper to just rent the movie "Song of the South", than to pay Boehner to sing the score.

Meanwhile, Democratic dignified leaders deserve our respect. They work hard to earn their salaries. President Obama knows how to sing, but he saves his talents for appropriate times and places. As for Congresswoman Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, I presume they delegate their singing to those who are qualified to perform, while taking their jobs too seriously to engage in such childish Boehner-like "Zippety-do-da" behavior.

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