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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Syrian Holocaust while Putin watches hockey in Sochi

Realizing how sensitive the word Holocaust is when describing genocides, it's tragically time to address the horror going on in the Syrian civil war, by labeling the mounting deaths with this horrible word. 

People of the world will regret doing nothing during the Syrian humanitarian disaster resulting from a preventable civil war.  

Syrian President Assad is guilty of mass murder, because he is doing nothing to help his people, while Russia props him up like a corpse at an Irish wake. Assad is a dead man walking. Meanwhile, his people are dying by the thousands because Assad will not even allow humanitarian aid to help them.

BBCNews reports that the United Kingdom and France accuse the Syrian government over the failure of the second round of Geneva peace talks with opposition groups. 

Humanitarian aid is essential, but the horrific Syrian deaths grow in number, multiplying exponentially and an overwhelming number who are victims in the genocides are Christians.

New streams of refugees were forced across the border into Lebanon as U.N. special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi tried to find common ground between the warring sides during their second round of negotiations in Geneva. The United Nations said Wednesday that it would bring forward a trilateral meeting with Russia and the United States, which it is hoped will kick-start deadlocked discussions. 

While the holocaust of innocent victims continues.

Since the peace talks began nearly three weeks ago, violence has continued unabated, with civilians killed at a record rate, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Barrels packed with explosives rained down on the city of Aleppo again Wednesday, while in the mountainous Lebanese border region of Qalamoun, airstrikes battered several towns.

Dirt roads across the border were “like a highway”, reported humanitarian workers Wednesday, as more than 500 families — about 2,500 people — fled.  This in addition to millions of displaced people who are living in refugee camps while Syria's President Assad continues his power politics. Assad is now among the most evil of world despots, while his people face a disastrous future. Millions of refugees are desperate. Moreover, they will never forget this carnage and neither will many future generations of their families. President Assad has set up a cycle of complete failure for his regime while desecrating the proud people who will never be able to help rebuild their homeland.   

While the world sits around and waits for peace talks to work.

Syria has created a Holocaust and it simply can't be resolved until President Assad is removed. He's a monster.

While Russian President Putin watches the Olympic hockey games in Sochi, the Syrian people who he ignores by supporting Assad are in the throes of a humanitarian catastrophe. 

Is this deja vu of the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin, Germany?

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