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Friday, January 10, 2014

US issues warning to Americans traveling to Olympics in Russia | TheHill

US issues warning to Americans traveling to Olympics in Russia | TheHill

Anyone who believes travel to the Sochi Winter Olympics is safe must be delusional.

Of course, travel of practiically any kind outside of the USA is a risk, because there's no controlling terrorism. Terrorists are evil. They attack and kill for no reason whatsoever, except to crave spectacular publicity. Terrorist acts don't achieve anything except to incite more violence, even beyond the act itself. Political zeal is coupled with the madness of desperate individuals, violent enough to put themselves, and innocent people's lives in harms way, to achieve their deviously nefarious purposes.

In Russia, of  course, the security challenge is heighteed because of the domestic opposition to President Putin. It's nearly impossible to screen all domestic Russians to prevent terrorism at the Olympics. In fact, I'd be willing to bet some innocent Russians are under extreme scrutiny by their own government as a preventive measure to prevent terrorism.

I feel badly for ahtletes and those with the world's news organizations, who are compelled to  be in Sochi Russia, because their hard work requires them to attend the games.

Moreover, the threat of terrorism in Russia won't end with the games. Even presuming, God willing, the games go forward without violence, the threat of terrorism will continue for as long as it takes for those bent on death and destruction to create deadly mahem.

Terrorism must never succed in bringing about the change intended by the perpetrators. Nevertheless, the fear instilled in innocent people, by the threat of terrorism, certainly creates a new normal in the way ordinary people live our daily lives.

It was the intention of the ancient Greeks, who created the Olympic games, to bring people together to celebrate in peace. Obviously, the motive to keep the Olympic games peaceful must somehow infect, like an enlightened pandemic, the good people of the world. Extraordinary goodness and peace leaders are needed to exert the power needed to overcome evil and subdue those determined to use the Olympic games to create chaos. 

Unfortunately, most peace leaders in Russia are living in Gulags, because the government doesn't tolerate dissidents.  

Consequently, since Putin can't possibly lock up every suspected terrorist in Russia, and while peace leaders, who can inspire goodness, are locked up as dissidents.....the risk of terrorism reigns supreme.  

Meanwhile, millions of innocent people are living under the risk of politically violent extremists, while the world helplessly watches.  


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