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Friday, January 10, 2014

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey - Power Run Amok: He Should be Fired

Governor Christie's daunting apology news conference in response to the unconscionable closing of the George Washington Bridge lane closings in September, exiting to Fort Lee New Jersey, became more complicated than clarifying when CNN released emails related to the stupid incident.

It turns out, not only were the preventable lane closures ordered during the September 11, anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City in 2001, a time when Americans are diligent about public safety, but the they coincidentally occurred on the Jewish Rosh Hashanah, New Year Holiday.

This Governor Christie led fiasco seems to be as stupid as anything Americans have seen politicians do since the ridiculously unnecessary government shutdown last summer. Now, the George Washington Bridge incident has sunk to an even lower depth of government idiocy, driven by Republican political leadership.

Can't wait to see political ads with Governor Christie wearing a traffic cone hat while directing traffic.

Obviously, it's clearly evident, if Americans want to see how Republican leadership at the Executive levels of government will impact them, there's plenty of evidence to show how damaging the power hungry GOP moguls can be - not to mention stupid.

Now, not only does Governor Christie have more damage control to do regarding the George Washington Bridge lane closure, but he must now over come two very damaging visuals, as well. First, his own exuberant presence on television and now traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge. Any political consultant alive will welcome creating a superimposed image of a boisterous Governor Christie wearing a traffic cone as head gear, while directing a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge, at the Fort Lee exits. 

There's no way Governor Christie will ever overcome the visuals of the George Washington bridge lane closures.  

This scene is almost as though the ghost of President George Washington himself created this visual incident, just to prove how power hungry people should never be leading the nation he helped to build.  

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