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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obamacare is an Insurance Plan - Republicans Should Support the Reforms

With 48 million Americans uninsured, meaning they don't have any health insurance to cover the cost of illness care, it seems to me there's an exclusive market to sell coverage to those eager to have coverage. Indeed, this is a marketing dream. Put up affordable health care plans and allow the uninsured to pick an affordable product.What's wrong with this idea?  

Absolutely nothing. It should work because people will pay for it.

What's wrong is how the Obama administration allowed this missed opportunity, to sell health insurance to the uninsured through "exchanges", to become a communications glitch and a political conundrum. In other words, Republicans quickly took advantage of the public's general misunderstanding about health insurance to cast mistrust on President Obama's credibility. Meanwhile, the insurance reforms provided by Obamacare (funny how the media is suddenly calling it "health care reform") are overlooked, while Republicans create a frenzy about the flawed sign-on website.

In fact, health insurance exchanges offer affordable plans to the uninsured, whereby the beneficiary can shop for coverage, even for pre-existing conditions, like diabetes or heart disease.

Healthy people can buy insurance with high deductibles and thereby pay lower premiums.

In fact, the point is, everyone who qualifies and needs health insurance can buy an affordable product in an insurance exchange.

Republicans should support the insurance reforms required under the Affordable Care Act, because the law requires people to pay for their coverage.  

Obviously, Republicans created an Obamacare "red herring", a diversion. Rather than support health insurance coverage for everyone, Republicans would rather create mistrust. Nevertheless, Medicare is a federal health insurance plan and very few people complain about their coverage.

Moreover, Republicans have no plan to cover 48 million uninsured.

Unfortunately, in the Obamacare debacle, Republicans think they've found a mythical "silver bullet" to recover from their low approval ratings post the disasterous government shutdown. 

In my opinion, this tempest in a tea pot about Obamacare won't change public opinion about Republicans, regardless of how it negatively impacts the President's credibility. Republicans need an alternative plan, but they don't have an idea to offer.

The fact is, Republicans should support Obamacare because it provides health insurance for people who will pay for their coverage. It's the Republican thing to do.

Rather than degrade Obamacare, Republicans must find a way to cover 48 million people who want to pay for coverage.

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