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Saturday, September 28, 2013

President Obama Must Stand Up for The People Who Elected Him - Congressional Right Wingers Must Stand Down

Our United States Congress was on paid vacation for most of the summer of 2013, knowing full well about the financial crises looming in our federal government. Yet, they procrastinated.

Every one knew about the need to vote to pay for government, in a continuing resolution beyond October 1st, when the fiscal year ends. They also knew about the crucial raising of the nation's debt ceiling. Nevertheless, as the clock ticked away like a flashback from the Tell-Tale-Heart horror story by Edgar Allen Poe, the Congress started frantically holding late night sessions throughout the weekend while television pundits created melodrama about whether or not the essential work of government would get done.

Meanwhile, regardless of political ideology, Americans are frustrated beyond words because we simply can't fathom where Congress gets the authority to hold government hostage, because a minority of right wing zealots don't happen to like the federal health care reform law aka "Obamacare".  It's a standoff.  

Trying to find a solution is like trying to find the source of the relentless heartbeat in the Tell Tale Heart. Only a few people seem to get how to solve this stupid power struggle over Obamacare.

This is how it gets resolved:  Congress pledges to uphold the law. Obamasare is the law. Congress, therefore, needs to do its job and fund government to support the implementation of all laws.

In Edgar Allen Poe's short horror story, a delusional killer is haunted by the evidence of his deed when the heart of a murder victim keeps beating, even after the body is buried behind a wall. Eventually, the delusional killer is driven to confess, because of the madness caused by the hidden sound of the beating heart. The  madness, of course, is in the fact that there was no "beating heart".

Republicans who hold fast to destroying health care reform are acting like the delusional protagonist in Tell Tale Heart. They're professing an obsessive mantra about how health care reform will irreparably harm civilization as we know it, but, at the same time, reassuring constituents how certain provisions of Obamacare will not be repealed! They're supporting coverage for preexisting conditions and for children remaining on their parents health plans until they turn 26 years old. Yet, at the same time, they're listening to a delusional Tell Tale Heart drone of doom, even threatening to close down government, to prevent Obamacare's implementation. Incredibly, there's not a shred of evidence to support any of their delusional horror predictions. 

As a matter of fact, there's a better than 50/50 chance that none of their Tell Tale Heart delusions are factual.

Therefore, President Obama must put an end to this horror story. Americans need to hear from the President we elected. He must stand firm to support and uphold the Federal Health Care Reform law as it was passed by the people's Congress and upheld as Constitutonal by the US Surpreme Court. It's unlawful for Congress to hold a federal law hostage, just to be spiteful.

Republicans are delusional enough to think they might get away with shutting down government because they don't happen to like health care reform. Well, they're about to be fire by the American people for not doing the job they're elected to do, which is to keep government open.

Meanwhile, President Obama must continue to stand against a government shut down, regardless of the the pressure to unfund or delay health care reform. No president, not now or in the future, should endure this breech of duty by Congress, especially when it's about a law whereby millions of people will be able to afford to buy health insurance.

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