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Monday, September 16, 2013

#NavyYardShooting - From a 5,000 Foot Level: America Must Resemble Syria

Multiple deaths in the security of the Washington DC Navy Yard. These Shootings quickly developed the Twitter hashtag #NavyYardShooting. This horrible incident, still unfolding, is now among the lexicon of hashtags along with #sandyhook, and #forthood and dozens of other deadly Twitter handles.  

For #Twitter followers throughout the world who observe events from the 5,000 foot social networking universe, the United States must resemble, and blend with the violent stories coming out of Syria or Cairo, Egypt. Clearly, Twitter chatter is focused on US gun violence, providing real time evidence that the United States is like a nation on the brink of civil disobedience leading to civil war, as long as these horrible deaths continue. What's real about every single one of the gun violence deaths in America is how all of them are preventable.  Nevertheless, hundreds of victims names grow into thousands, all murder victims who didn't have to die, people we tragically get to know by reading obituaries published all over the Internet. There are no ceremonial memorial cemeteries for these victims.  Instead, their names cross the pages of our various social networking screens or print media, fading one into another, like a chorus line collapsing into a choreographed fall.  

This deadly gun tragedy is still developing. Certainly, several daunting days of reporting are before us, until all the facts are known about #NavyYardShooting in Washington DC. 

Yet, with 100 percent certainty, this is what we know: civilians went to work on Monday September 16, 2013 at a secure Navy Yard and were subsequently murdered in a preventable gun violence attack, because somebody or persons had access to weapons purchased with the intent to kill people.

An urgency for gun control measures to protect the public from zealots who want to harm civilians with automatic weapons increases, especially if  Washington DC police chief Cathy Lanier is correct about the potential for more than one shooter at the Navy Yard atrocity. Our nation's Founding Fathers never intended for the Second Amendment Rights provided under the US Constitution to protect people who are engaged in sedition or anarchy against the United States.  

Americans must rise up against gun violence by removing all supporters of the use of automatic weapons from public office. 
That means a lot of Grand Old Party Republicans either must change their position on gun control rights or get voted out of office.

Gun ownership rights must be modified to restrict access to automatic weapons. We have a civic responsibility to protect our citizens against preventable death, especially by gun violence.

The spiraling incidents of horrific gun violence incidents will contribute to creating an image of America as another kind of Syria. From the 5,000 foot social networking world, America is already a nation where people must be diligent at all times against gun violence. It's entirely possible Americans could be in a safer place if we actually lived in Syria.  Otherwise, more Twitter hashtags are inevitable.  

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