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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lobbying Against Genocide - Nobody

Let's face it, Syrian diplomacy between Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov worked, at least for the time being, because Russia and President Putin didn't want to deal with the outcome of a US weapons attack on Syria, post the chemical massacre of civilians on August 21, 2013. This massacre occurred for no reason, except, because Assad's government wanted to do it.  Subsequently, the US Congress didn't have any gumption to follow up on enforcement of a ban on chemical weapons, as ratified in the Geneva Protocol, because, frankly, there are simply no lobbyists in Washington DC who are paid enough to petition against genocide.  Nevertheless, the evidence for retaliation is there. Moreover, there's also a case to be made for a US national security risk, because, if Assad used chemical weapons against civilians, then there's absolutely no restraint, whatsoever, against using the same deadly gas to kill American military or other opposition forces.  

Even Syrian President Assad doesn't seem to have much steam in opposing what the world is calling his government's Sarin attack on innocent civilians in a "chemical massacre" aka genocide. Nevertheless, many nations, notably Great Britain, appear to be reluctant to retaliate against this henious crime. Athough President Obama made a valiant effort to demonstrate anger and retaliation against Assad's genocide and to uphold the world ban on the use of chemical weapons as established in the Geneva Protocol, these threats were abandoned to make way for diplomacy to work out what could be a better solution than an overt attack, meaning the removal of Assad's Weapons of Mass Destruction. But, will Assad really remove those weapons? Ahhhh, well, it all looks good in print and in photo-ops, but enforcement is still an ambiguous science, to say the least.  It seems to me, Assad won't take well to being told what to do by Russian President Putin or anybody else.  If he doesn't do what he's told, however, he is likely to loose his job.  Of course, he's probably already been "fired" by Putin, anyway, because the egocentric Russian leaders is thriving on the limelight he's soaking up in taking a central role to help resolve the Syrian chemical weapons crisis.  Assad is, at this point, a puppet and his Russian controlled strings could be snipped off at any time.  

As a matter of fact, a descriptive people's cartoon is in the normally censured Syrian media showing President Putin putting a heart defibrillator on Assad's chest.  No explanation needed.

Let's face it, Assad is a terribly unpopular and incompetent Syrian president. He's dealing with a horrible civil war while over 2 million of his citizens are living in refugee camps in surrounding countries.  Now, he's gone and massacred over 1,000 civilians with Sarin poison gas, besides! There's no way President Assad can be a legitimate leader of Syria after being at the center of the catastrophic incidents he's been unable to control.  

Nevertheless, the Syrian opposition sees the US-Russian tentative agreement, sans Assad's involvement (it appears) to be a setback to forcing a regime change. Well, that's probably true, but, on the other hand, another Syrian president will probably be hand picked by Putin, anyway.

Meanwhile, over 1,000 civilians were murdered while they slept because President Assad killed them with Sarin gas. Our US Congress was unable to rise to the occasion to retaliate in support of those dead people because, frankly, no lobbyists were evidently hanging around their Washington DC offices or in their staff meetings to protect Syrians from genocide.  

It seems to me, the National Rifle Association's Wayne Lapierre could do a little to redeem himself as a quasi anarchist if he put some of his high paid time protecting Second Amendment rights for Americans, into defending civilians against genocide.  

But, the tragedy that doesn't end is the lack of sincerity in compassion for those civilians gassed by Sarin gas in a chemical massacre. They will undoubtedly melt into the litany of genocides listed on the website genocides in history. 

Nobody, apparently, are lobbyists against genocide.

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