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Thursday, September 12, 2013

President Putin's Egotisism Lacks Compassion - New York Times Wins

Shame on our US Congress for letting the Syrian genocide fall into the trap of domestic quarreling.  Now, as a result of the US Congress not having the benefit of an anti-genocide lobby, paid help for Syrian civilians, their legislative failure to lead gave way to a New York Times lecture on world leadership from Russian President Vladimir Putin.  He speaks like he's the mythical partner of Snow White's nemesis. You remember the Snow White egotist who said, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the best leader of them all?".  Well, that evil witch in the Snow White fairy tale could be Putin's partner; or, maybe, his fictional (or not so fictional) mentor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accomplished something with his egotistical lecture to Americans in The New York Times. Congratulations to The New York Times!  Putin's op-ed lecture has certainly brought international attention to your newspaper's website and that's a very good thing.  Otherwise, however, the lecture itself is a puff piece intended to get Putin's name on the front page of international news.  Too bad Putin didn't have a fish to kiss where his name is in the op-ed by line.


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