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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Republican Math - A Failing Grade

President Bill Clinton said it well. Republicans just don't understand basic arithmetic.  They choose to ignore math because the values consistently work against their right wing policies.  

Republicans are determined to force their right wing policies on Americans regardless of the numbers that show their constituent base is shrinking. 

Let's examine the bogus issue of North Carolina voter fraud.  

North Caroline State Board of Elections reports a sum total of 4,753,823 Democratic and Republican registered voters.  But, Republican Governor Pat McCrory signed an onerous restrictive voter law because of estimated 200 voter fraud cases were reported in North Carolina.  Any elementary school student can figure out how 200 people, who may or may not have engaged in voter fraud, compared to the 4,753,823 voters, equals a statistical incidence of zero.  In other words, there are statistically no cases of proven voter fraud in North Carolina.  

In spite of this valid math, Governor McCrory insists North Carolina voters must provide picture proof of American citizenship, or they won't be able to vote, because he wants to eliminate voter fraud.  Of course, poor people don't routinely have access to opportunities to receive picture identifications. They're less likely to drive or access activities where a picture identification can be obtained.  Clearly, math didn't influence Governor Pat McCrory's restrictive and unnecessary voter identification law.  

Although the restrictive law offers to help voters to obtain picture identifications, the implementation of this proposal will be expensive.

Rather, this North Carolina voter suppression law is targeted toward intimidating minority voters who will find it difficult to obtain picture identification for the purpose of exercising their fundamental rights as American citizens to vote.

Republicans do understand how the growing number of minority voters will eventually put every one of their kind out of office, when these citizens eventually figure out how to vote.  By the time minority voters, like people of color and young people, complete the complexities required by the regressive laws, the Republicans will have lots of lead time to pass even more restrictive laws.  This strangulation of voter laws will eventually choke the oxygen out of the American right to vote until only those who think like right wing Republicans will be qualified to vote. Of course, the intention is for registered voters to cast ballots in lock step with right wing politics.

Republicans get a failing math grade because they simply don't count the reducing number of Republicans, as their constituency's birth rate is falling.  The Christian Science Monitor reports on the new "US".  America's white majority, the base voting block of the GOP, is slipping away faster than ever, affecting issues from the immigration debate to the future of the economy and the trend has been accelerating.  Much is made of how this dynamic is changing the political landscape, forcing the Republican Party, in particular, to do some soul-searching about how to become more welcoming to nonwhites. One demographic fact is clear: As white America ages, it will be relying more and more heavily on hardworking, tax-paying nonwhites to build a prosperous economy and fund programs, such as Social Security and Medicare, that seniors rely on. While Republicans try to "lock up" the white vote, the Caucasian race is declining in numbers.

Republican math will eventually produce a negative number of their party voters while minority voters numbers will grow.  

Meanwhile, the growing number of minority voters must mobilize. They must apply their growing arithmetic to vote all Republicans out of office, before the GOP summons up even more damage to American voters rights.



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