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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wearing Republicans Down By Turning Up the Political Heat

Physicists understand how energy creates heat. Americans need some focused heat put on Republicans who continue obstructing President Obama.  

Included in this blog is a list of "sure to inspire" ideas to light a fire under Americans and produce some energy to push back on the obstructionist Congressional Republicans.

Let's blast through the political obstruction in Congress.

But, President Obama is the leader who must ignite the inspiration.

His leadership is essential to fire up Democrats who must turn up the heat to teach Republicans about their responsibility to help others.  

In leading, President Obama must stop being politically nice.  

Along with giving inspired speeches, President Obama needs to lead by applying strategic energy to wear down the Grumpy Old Party's positions against nearly everything. He must put a fire under the momentum needed to launch progressive policies.  

Rocket scientists understand the physics of putting a rocket into the atmosphere.  It takes a great deal of energy to launch a rocket. Likewise, it's going to take a lot more energy than I see coming from President Obama to fire up Democrats for the purpose of launching obstructionist Republicans out of office, so Americans can, finally, get our government working for the people again.

Americans can get fired up about the following policy list, regardless of political party, if President Obama will ignite us:

1.  No to shutting down government: A Constitutional ban should be proposed to prohibit shutting down the Federal government for any reason.  Republicans want to shut down government so they can grandstand on the backs of middle class Americans, who need federal government services, as well as those employed to help us, including the US military.  Any political party should be held in contempt of their fiduciary responsibilities by even suggesting a government shut down for any reason

2.  Pay for work:  Congressional pay and benefits should be calculated by the actual hours worked.  Americans should put Congress on a time clock, along with the office staffs they employ. Moreover, the benefits Congress accrues should be adjusted according to their hours worked, including their health insurance premiums.

3.  Voting rights:  Americans citizens should be encouraged to vote in all elections.  Polling stations should never have lines longer than five minutes long so voters can conveniently cast their ballots without taking unnecessary amounts of  time away from their work to do so.

4.  Social Security and Medicare- A Constitutional Amendment should be adopted to require all beneficiaries who have paid their 40 quarters into the Social Security and Medicare benefits to be assured, without any doubt whatsoever, that their will see a return on their investment in pension income and health care coverage.

5.   Women's reproductive health care -  All women should be provided access to health care, regardless of their citizenship status: women who are American citizens, immigrants, illegal immigrants or seeking asylum.  This care should include reproductive health including the right to family planning services. Period.

6.  Taxation -  All Americans should be taxed at a graduated rate we can each afford and no exemptions for the rich. 

7.  Guns- Americans should demonstrate a reasonable reason why we need to own assault weapons.  In other words, rifles and weapons capable of automatic fire should be restricted to the military and public safety personnel. 

8.  Education - All children should be guaranteed the right to access quality education, consistent with their life's goals toward becoming productive citizens, who will contribute to improving our nation's economy and their own personal well being.

9.  Natural disasters-  All our nation's communities should know we're one family when responding to national disasters like devastating hurricanes, out of control wild fires, paralyzing blizzards, traumatic volcanoes,  massive earthquakes or cluster F4 and F5 tornado outbreaks.

This is an abbreviated list.  A potential number 10 could go on to call for the eradication of social, racial and gender discrimination.  

Human condition issues including health and economic security should be among our inalienable rights as Americans.  

Democrats need to turn up the heat on obstructionist Republicans who won't support progressive policies to improve our human condition.  We must wear down Republicans who talk about austerity while collecting salaries and benefits for their four day work weeks and five week summer vacations.  

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) said on MSNBC Morning Joe that he wore down his opponents in the capital Harrisburg when he wanted to push his progressive initiatives. Likewise, Democrats must wear down Republicans by turning up the political heat against right wing extremism.  We must stop nihilistic thinking like "shutting down government" and other regressive right wing initiatives.  And President Obama must generate leadership focused on this purpose.

Americans must stand against obstructionist Republicans in Congress. We must wear down their right wing extremism before uncontrollable obstructionists burn away our American human and civil rights.  Better yet, let's fire up the electorate to vote them all out of office.

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