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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Polarized Government While Fighting the War on Terror - Speaker John Boehner Must Stop the October 1, Quagmire

Speaker John Boehner may shut down the American government on October 1, 2013, because he wants to waste more time to force a repeal of President Obama's Health Care Reform. 

Indredulously, the threat of a government shut down on October 1st, is real. Government services could stop, all the while our state department personnel and US military are in harms way, prepared to defend our nation against renewed terrorist threats. A government shutdown, by the way, means these people probably won't get paid. 

U.S. officials have emphasized they have been watching growing threats emerging from Yemen for weeks.

An intercepted Al Qaeda message has startled Americans, once again, about the dangers of living in a world at war with terrorists.
Extremist warriors with the Al Qaeda network are continuing to plot attacks to kill Americans, especially in areas of the Middle East, where some populations are easily intimidated to become complicit with terrorist groups.

Extreme caution against international terrorism is the new normal, but especially so since we're coming up on one year since the deadly September 11, 2012, Benghazi attacks, when Ambassador Stevens was killed in fiery street demonstrations.

Terrorist "chatter" threats, combined with the coming end of the month of Ramadan, plus the concern over several major prison breaks in the region, all contributed to the U.S. decision to shut down diplomatic installations.

Nevertheless, while our nation faces renewed terrorist threats, our government is nearly paralyzed by political polarization that takes only a majority vote to fix. While our state department and the military fights, putting their lives on the line, to defend us against perceived and actual terrorist threats to national security, by groups hell bent on killing us, our government is entrenched in a difficult to explain political quagmire.  

Imagine how history will judge our priorities during the war on terror?  Congress can't pass immigration reform, won't repeal the stupid budget sequester that's hurting our economic recovery, refuses to take action on the President's Jobs Act and repeatedly wastes time voting to repeal Health Care Reform.  Yet, somehow, we're supposed to win the war on terror, being fought by brave state department and military personnel, although a polarized government may cut their salaries. Incredulously, these brave people could see their salaries frozen if Speaker John Boehner shuts down government on October 1st, just to prevent Health Care reform from moving forward.

It can't escape terrorists, who obviously watch CNN or the BBC news networks, that the American Congress can't even vote to build roads and bridges, advocated by the President's Jobs Act, never mind, unite to fight terrorist attacks.  

Although American vigilance has spared us many potential attacks, our luck could run out at any time. 

Republicans are clearly engaged in dangerous reasoning. Their priorities are screwed up. 

Congressional Republicans are willing to put state department and military personnel in harms way to defend us against terrorism, but won't vote to support economic security in programs for our citizens, like Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, Head Start, Food Stamps or Meals on Wheels programs, to name a few.  

Rather, Congressional Republicans could soon waste more time to vote to shut down government, just because they can.  

A polarized government is no way to win the war on terror. This war defines our 21st century. Americans must find a way to win this war, just like we won the Cold War, regardless of how much money it costs.  It's time Republicans, who take an oath to protect the United States Constitution, show patriotic dedication by solving our nation's resolvable problems and winning the war on terror, too.

Let's vote out of office the Republican obstructionists, like Speaker John Boehner, and others who can't share the vision of a world at peace, where our people share in the wealth of a successful democracy. 

Speaker Boehner has the power to dredge our nation out of the quagmire of a government shutdown. Moreover, he has an obligation to put our national priorities in the right order.

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