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Friday, August 09, 2013

Fleecing of America - Paying Congress Not to Work

It's hard to believe, but our US Congress is on a Do Nothing Five Week Vacation break while receiving full salary and benefits, including health insurance paid by US taxpayers.  (As reported by Chris Matthews on MSNBC "Hardball".)

This is a Fleecing of America segment if I ever heard one. Where's NBC's Lisa Myers reporting on this growing trend in our absentee federal government? We should know how much money this Do Nothing Congress is fleecing Americans.

While the right wing extremists (RWE-RWEs) in Congress screech like howling cats about federal spending, they continue to absorb tax payer money for not working.

Meanwhile, America's millions of illegal immigrants are waiting to hear the fate of proposed federal reforms while their yearning to apply for US citizenship hangs in the balance.  Of course, why would Congress want illegal immigrants to eventually become citizens, when the Republicans know, full well, most new voters will likely become Democrats, who will throw them out of office? Obviously, the US Congress won't dare poll themselves to find out how many of them are descendants of illegal immigrants.  

In other words, many in our Congress wouldn't even have citizenship if their illegal immigrant ancestors were prevented from becoming Americans.

Waiting like a spinster for a groom is Congressional action on President Obama's American Jobs Act. It appears Republicans would rather see their constituents suffer with questionably safe bridges and allow highway projects to wait on deferred status, just because, for no good reason, they won't endorse anything with a President Obama imprimatur. 

Republicans know the Jobs Act will create jobs!  

For some illogical reason, Republicans in Congress won't expense money so other people can be paid to work to support national good, but they still collect salaries and benefits while taking a five week vacation.  

Congress takes paid vacation knowing full well they have a seriously looming fiduciary responsibility to support a growing economy.  Meanwhile, Republicans know there's another fiscal cliff looming when they'll have to extend our debt limit again by October 1, 2013.  Many stupid Republicans would rather shut down government than allow for the debt extension, because they see doing so as forcing a recall of Health Care Reform.  Stupid obstructionist Republicans who want to hold our nation's economy hostage, because they happen not to like Health Care Reform, should have their US taxpayer health insurance benefits revoked. These stupid Republicans are costing Americans too much money when we pay for their subsidized entitlements, even when they take 5 weeks of paid vacation while only working 4 days a week when they're in session.

Hard working Americans, many struggling with more than one job to make ends meet, have a hard time understanding why Congress continues to be paid for not working.  

It's time to put Republicans in Congress on unemployment. While they're unemployed, they'll probably work harder than ever because they'll be forced to prove they're looking for work before they can collect a dime in entitlement.  As it is now, the Republicans are collecting huge amounts of federal entitlement money for taking a 5 week vacation.

Americans should not continue to employ a Congress with an average 12 percent public approval rating..  None of us working people, not one of us, would keep our jobs if our bosses considered us to be 12 percent productive.  We, the employers of Congress, should not continue paying this bunch of high priced federal employees, who don't work very much.  

So, again, I wonder, where's Lisa Myers "Fleecing of America" report when so much money is wasted on paying Congress not to work?  Hello?  Lisa?  Are you there?

Paying Congress not to work is like Medicaid fraud. Congressional salaries come out of the very same federal revenue pot as Medicaid and defense spending.  Therefore, it's about time American voters figure out how Republicans in Congress are taking our money while not working - and let's work toward voting them out of office.

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