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Sunday, August 11, 2013

We Love You but "Wait Hillary Wait!"

Democrats and many in the news media are rolling out the Hillary Clinton coronation regalia, in anticipation of a 2016 Presidential run by our former First Lady and brilliant Secretary of State.  Although there are excellent reasons why those among us would love to bellow "Hail to Chief Hillary", we should be cautious. Instead of a coronation, our mantra, instead, should be "Wait Hillary Wait!"

Here are some reasons why:

1.  A Right Wing Cervantes Complex:  As soon as Mrs. Clinton announces her intention to run for President 2016, she'll polarize right wing extremists who are currently charging at proverbial political wind mills right now.  In the absence of another viable Democratic candidate, nobody is "official", right now, to attack, . Mrs. Clinton shouldn't become a modern age Paulinewaiting for dramatic rescues by heroic white hat Democrats.  Instead, Mrs. Clinton has time and the motivation to let the right wing extremists obsess over their Cervantes complex, attacking "wind mills", until they run out of political ammunition.

2. Money:  Mrs. Clinton has the capacity to raise lots of campaign money, but with a serious caveat.  Once she officially announces, her fiances will be put under a high intensity ethical microscope.  Among the first people waiting for quarterly campaign finance report disclosures will be the Cervantes obsessed right wing extremists, who will leap to make mountains out of ant holes with the filing information. They'll keep right wing media networks busy fabricating outrageous campaign finance stories, too many to keep track of, all of it negative.  It won't even matter if it's true.  On the other hand, the longer Mrs. Clinton waits to (hopefully) make her candidacy official, political action committees can continue raising money on her behalf, while the scrutiny is temporarily deferred, and the money accumulates.   

3.  Positive Public Opinion poll numbers::  Mrs. Clinton continues to build a reservoir of world good will resulting from her 8 years as First Lady of the United States and four years as Secretary of State. During those years,  she was an advocate for health care reform as well as women and children's human rights.  It makes no sense for her to use her public relations cash in this bank of positive public opinion until she needs to invest it for a formal political office run. Meanwhile, she continues to enjoy her well earned positive PR.

4.  Getting to know people- While Mrs. Clinton isn't an official presidential candidate, she is warmly welcomed as a keynote speaker by diverse groups, without having to bother with projecting a political motive.  After she announces, every speech or appearance will be scrutinized.  Right now, as President Obama said, Mrs. Clinton has a "post White House glow", meaning, she beams by knowing she's free to spread good will. Announcing her official political candidacy will certainly put frost on the moonbeam, so to speak.  An announcement will force her back into the spotlight of a media blitz, where her use of time will be judged and her motivations continuously analyzed.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Hillary Clinton is getting to know people without having the shackles of being a political candidate.  

News media are absolutely gleeful about an anticipated Hillary Clinton presidential announcement, because it will supply pundits with plenty of air time to fill, not to mention the launch of big paid political advertisements.  

I can't think of any reason why Mrs. Clinton should put herself into a political buzz saw of a media blitz, when no one in the political arena today is financially equipped to challenge her, if she wants to be our US president.  

Support for Mrs. Clinton builds and political action committees are raising money on her behalf. So, the mantra should be "Wait Hillary Wait".  After all, Democrats must face the challenge of building momentum in the 2014 mid term elections.  Americans certainly don't need a premature 2016 presidential campaign right now. Rather than prematurely announce her intentions to run, Mrs. Clinton can be most effective using her charisma to keep Democrats hopeful about the future, in spite of negative and regressive right wing opposition.

No wonder Mrs. Clinton is beaming.  She's at the pinnacle of a magnificent career and her future is full of promise.  She's in a stunning position, especially for a seasoned politician who has given her life to public service.  Although Mrs. Clinton can wait to announce, our nation desperately needs for her to tell us she will lead us into a progressive era.  Yes, she can wait to announce, but let's be confident about her intentions. "Run Hillary Run".

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