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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

President Obama Leads a Political Trilogy with Oklahoma Executives Governor Mary Fallin and Lt. Governor Todd Lamb

President Obama will visit the tornado devastation inflicted on Moore Oklahoma on the Sunday prior to Memorial Day.

Thankfully, President Obama will combine common sense compassion with executive outreach by personally meeting the Oklahoma people, post the horrific May 21 tornado that descended on Moore with  the highest F5 damage velocity.  

When President Obama meets with the Oklahoma victims, I hope he'll also meet and demonstrate support for the state's articulate Republican Governor Mary Fallin and the Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb.  These two state executives are diligent about providing timely media communications for the purpose of keeping the world informed about the tornado's damage and recovery efforts. 

White House spokesman Jay Carney says President Obama will view the tornado damage first-hand. He also plans to meet with victims and rescue workers. The monstrous tornado barreled through the Oklahoma City suburb on Monday afternoon, demolishing an elementary school and reducing homes to piles of rubble

State authorities say two infants and eight children were among the 24 people who perished in the twister. The town of Moore is a community of 41,000 people located about 10 miles south of Oklahoma City. Residents of Moore continue returning to what's left of the rubble that was once their homes, to access the damage and retrieve what property they could.

It might seem like magical thinking, but a powerful political healing trilogy could be led by President Obama with Governor Fallin and Lt. Governor Lamb. Their joint extension of compassion to tornado victims could also have the impact of breaching the seemingly growing partisan divide of Americans who polarize nearly everything imaginable, including whether or not President Obama is an American citizen.

An executive healing leadership trilogy could even invite Oklahoma's Senator Coburn and Senator Inofe to join their meeting.  Both Oklahoma senators have been critical of federal disaster relief funding spent in other tragic events.  

Regardless of their past obstructionism, the two senators, with the executive trilogy, might come to understand how the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) money is essential to the people's recovery.  Oklahoma certainly can't afford the estimated 2 billion dollars needed to help the  state's devastated people to recover. Government support through FEMA is essential to help Oklahomans.

Although sad, the loss of life in the Oklahoma tornado is mercifully less than one would expect in an F5 event. Nevertheless, the Moore devastation is a leveled landscape of tumbled matchsticks.  

Little is physically left of Moore Oklahoma. But, the uplifting faith of the people and their relentless will to recover is like kinetic restoration energy.  

Americans must help our faithful fellow citizens to achieve their recovery goals. Let's applaud an executive trilogy led by President Obama with Governor Fallin and Lt. Governor Lamb. We must support their compassionate leadership. By affirming our dedication to provide disaster relief to the tornado victims during their people's grief, we might also help Americans bridge our partisan divides in other political recovery efforts.  Let's begin that particular journey by working to protect Americans from death and destruction during future tornadoes. By rebuilding the Moore community with government unity, we might, hopefully, also find a way to  repair our partisan divides.    

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