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Friday, August 24, 2012

President Obama Rises Above Racial Profiling

Perhaps the most admirable trait President Obama internalizes is his ability to smile while rising above the racial hatred thrown at him by right wing extremists, who despise his ethnicity as a Black man in America. 

President Obama is charismatic. He holds the attention of many racist Americans who wait for him to fall into a racial stereotype. Thankfully, he can't do it, because his Presidency is about leadership, not stereotypes.

It's sad to say, but many people have overtly told me they cannot vote for a Black president. Yet, not one of these same people can point to even one reason why they have this racist belief. Not one reason.

Thankfully, President Obama leads America with steady competence. He carries an awareness of his extraordinary place in history. He intends for his legacy to be a positive exclamation mark.

Moreover, President Obama believes in his abilities to meet the challenges he faces, while continuing to project an optimistic outlook on life and our nation, in spite of extraordinary negativity heaped upon him 24/7 by right wing media and political attack ads.

Regardless of the many mega-millions spent by the super-Political-Action-Committee attack ads, hurling negativity at President Obama, his "likeability" ratings don't falter. Americans are skeptical about the economy, they express confusion about the future of Medicare, they are worried about the nation's deficit, but they view President Obama positively.

So, millionaires with wealth to spare to denigrate President Obama in amateur attack ads, like New Majority Agenda, and others, would do far-far better if they gave their money to charity. At least, by giving to charity, they'd be productive, instead of destructive, people.

Of course, just being likable doesn't get anybody elected to the important office of President of the United States, but it doesn't hurt, either.

Right now, Governor Mitt Romney is increasingly unlikable. He has made too many mis-steps by not standing strong in support for women's health, by aligning himself, like a tether, to right wing extremists, by waxing ambiguous about the future of Medicare, and for his lack of transparency about his taxes as well as where his wealth is stashed.

Surely, if the election were about who is most likable, the outcome would be a slam dunk for Obama.

I can't see the likability dynamic changing before the November 2012 election. But, I pray for those who continue to harbor racist feelings toward President Obama. Perhaps the Hurricane Issac, currently heading for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla, will clear the air and blow away racist vision. Americans with a racist bias must see President Obama for the positive, competent leader he is, rather than as a Black man running for President.  

Let's not racially profile our President. Rather, let's recognize President Obama's leadership qualities and re-elect him.



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