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Monday, August 13, 2012

Foiled Ryan Roll Out - What's This About "Nature" Creating Government?

Our founding fathers said absolutely nothing about nature when they signed the Constitution to create the United States of America. 

News pundits haven't critiqued Ryan's acceptance speech as Romney's vice-presidential pick, but they should. 

Here's my critique. Besides being a terrible speech, it missed the opportunity to explain to Americans why Romney-Ryan should lead our nation. It contained no vision, but ambiguous statements crafted to sound bites rather than substance.  

But where in the world did Ryan's concept of "nature" come from?

Ryan's ceremonial roll out as Romney's VP running mate was intended to be a brilliant photo-shoot with red-white-and-blue accoutrements.  Unfortunately, it was a foiled event from the beginning.  Starting with fabricated hoopla aboard Norfolk Virginia's museum ship USS Wisconsin (not an active duty ship), leading to Romney's mis-step introduction of Ryan as "the next President of the United States", dragged down by the annoying "tweet-tweet-tweet" of a nearby equipment operator that interrupted program audio . Throughout the trucked in super-hype atmosphere, the roll out missed an opportunity to explain to Americans how a Romney-Ryan potential presidency will improve our nation's economy or our human condition.  Instead, the made for TV ceremony was a collage of flags dancing to super-anthem music, while each candidate approached the speaker podium like Oscar winners at the Academy Awards. Nothing of substance was said and there were no questions taken from reporters.

Romney-Ryan hype directors staged the roll out aboard a decommissioned battle ship, but neither man ever served in the US Military.

It was Ryan's unfocused acceptance speech that most bothered me.  Ryan apparently created a new definition of America's manifest destiny.  He said American rights came from nature and God, not from government.  This is a surprising concept, especially since I didn't know nature shared booking with God. 

On the contrary, I believe God created Nature.  But, what does either have to do with Republican political leadership?

So stunned was I about this wasted comment that I tweeted Congressman Ryan with a question asking who pays his US Congressional salary?  Does God or Nature sign his paycheck? Or does the US Government pay his salary?  Hello?  

Did Ryan ever read the United States Constitution? Especially the preamble: "We the order to form a more perfect union..."?  The founding document says nothing about God or Nature.

Furthermore, I'm mystified how Ryan, a Roman Catholic, conjured up a ridiculously confusing "nature" and "God" comment? 

God created the earth, not the United States.  This confusing concept might be Mormon teaching, I sincerely don't know. In fact, I do know, for sure, it's not Roman Catholic teaching. If this "creation by nature" concept is Ryan's opinion, then he's wrong.

My fervent prayer is that American voters see how flawed Romney-Ryan are as political candidates.  Our nation needs visionary and progressive leadership, supporting policies rooted in morality, consistent with Capitalist economic theory, whereby  wealth is shared through equitable taxation.

During the past four years, right wing extremists have railed on President Obama about his religion and his birth certificate.  Where are these critics when a Vice-Presidential candidate is re-creating the words in the US Constitution?

Ryan's foiled roll out begins the presidential campaign in earnest, but both GOP leaders are showing themselves to be regressive thinkers. Sadly, Ryan blew a rare chance to win America's hearts. Instead, he's given creationists something to ponder.

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