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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Akin Won't Budge in Missouri Senate Race: Who's In Charge?

In spite of a groundswell of influential Republicans calling on Congressman Akin of Missouri to resign from the US Senate Race against the incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill, he's standing on his right wing support to remain in the election.  This is politics at its worst; it's a power struggle.

Akin publicly claimed he was advised by physicians who told him women who are raped have some kind of built in magical power to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, he concluded, legalizing abortion in the case of an unwanted pregnancy caused by rape or incest is not necessary. Akin says the Republicans calling on his resignation are "overreacting" to his ignorant statement.

This obstinate decision is driven by ideological right wing supporters who want to control the American Republican Party. They don't care what Akin stands for regarding the health and safety of women, so long as they own him. If Akin doesn't step down as a US Senate candidate, it will be a victory for the right wing of the Republican party against the establishment. It's a clear act of defiance and bodes danger for all Americans, as the radical supporters of Akin want to control our nation, which, bizarrely, includes the reproductive rights of women.

Americans must come to understand this looming danger rising on the political horizon. Right wing extremists will control the Republican party by winning primary elections, when turnout is low, thus increasing the likelihood of a right wing candidate winning. Systematically, they are targeting one election victory at a time until their control over government will become powerful enough to dismantle all the progressive programs Americans have supported for the past 70 years.

In Missouri, the voters are involved in a political power struggle for control of the Republican party.

Americans must wake up and recognize this dangerous right wing entrenchment as an infringement of our rights as these radical supporters want to control our Democracy by imposing their ideological beliefs on all of us.

Why can't Governor Mitt Romney control this right wing extremism? Because, the copious amounts of money in this year's election is coming from these extremists and even the party leaders seem incapable of holding back these zealots.

It's time for Republicans like Governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain to bring the Republicans back to being the Grand Old Party of American bipartisan politics.

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