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Friday, August 17, 2012

Senator John McCain Passed Over Romney When He Selected Sarah Palin
Although Vice-Preisential candidates rarely make a difference in a presidential election, they are factually one heart beat away from being president, a sad reality of modern politics.

It's hard to believe Congressman Paul Ryan is any more qualified to be one heart beat away from the Presidency of the United States than Sarah Palin was, four years ago when John McCain selected her for the position.  Even more concerning, McCain passed over Governor Mitt Romney in favor of then Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin during his candidate search.  As it turned out, Sarah Palin was rejected as being qualified to be one heart beat away from the Presidency.  Now, Romney is a potential president while his selection of Congressman Paul Ryan to be his vice-presidential running mate is no more qualified for the heart beat position than Palin.  What does this say about the caliber of people the Republicans are willing to nominate to lead our nation?  Surely, Republicans can find highly qualified candidates to run for the nation's highest office without having to accept second hand politicians.

2008: "Sen. John McCain, the GOP's 2008 presidential nominee, said Tuesday that he didn't pick Sarah Palin over Mitt Romney for his vice presidential candidate because of Romney's tax return issues; he just thought Palin was the better candidate, Politico reports." 

Republicans need to look inward before they have the audacity to call for President Barack Obama to replace Vice-President Joe Biden as his running mate.

God help us if Mitt Romney, passed over for McCain's Vice Presidential pick, is somehow elected to be President, when we have a President who is highly qualified for the job.

President Barack Obama is qualified, experienced and has demonstrated extraordinary leadership as Commander in Chief.  

Governor Mitt Romney has none of the above Presidential qualifications. Moreover, doesn't reveal why he even wants to be President.  Voters who are against President Obama need to ask themselves why they would want to replace him with a man who was passed over for Vice-President and who selected a running mate who is about as popular as Sarah Palin was four years ago.


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