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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Justice Scalia - Symptoms of an Aging Mind
"...problems with words in speaking or writing. People with Alzheimer's may have trouble
following or joining a conversation. They may stop in the middle of a conversation and have no idea how to
continue or they may repeat themselves..."

Justice Antonin Scalia was born March 11, 1936. Does his recent behavior on immigration indicate he may be exhibiting symptoms of his evidently aging mind? One description about his response to the Court's immigration ruling leaves me to wonder.

 "The Week", In the July 6-13, 2012, page 4, in the article:

"A mixed ruling on Arizona's immigration law", describes how Supeme Court Justice Scalia opened up, perhaps inappropriately, about Arixona's immigraiton law, reported by Nathan Pippenger in (The New Republic).

Pippenger writes, "Justice Scalia's 'unhinged' dissent- which he insisted on reading aloud- was full of 'Fox News'- ready invective, including his 'jaw-dropping' assertion that if the Founders (Founding Fathers) knew states rights would be weakened this way, they never would have formed the Union. Scalia then moved into an 'entirely political' criticism of the president's recent directive to halt the deportations of 1.2 million young immigrants, which was not part of the case before the court. Any pretense that Scalia isn't a full-fledged partisan is now over, said Michael Tomasky, in His open expression of contempt for Obama on a non-court issue violates long-standing court standards, but for Scalia, 'legal propriety is absurdly quaint'. he belongs to a determined cadre of conservative ideologues, to whom 'all outside criticism is the chirping of crickets'."

By speaking inappropriately, Justice Scalia demonstrates visions of grandeur about his authority on the Supreme Court. He acted inappropriately when speaking publicly from the bench on the immigration issue, making a political rather than judicious statement.

Court followers have to ask.  Does Justice Scalia's aging mind demonstrate something clinical happening?


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