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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Racial McCarthyism: Eric Holder- Attorney General is Surrogate for President Barack Obama

Eric Holder's strictly partisan contempt vote, by Isaa's US House Committee, is Racist-McCarthyism - the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence."Issa" for real? He and Republican swashbuckler colleagues don't "get" how their irresponsible actions are like politically lynching a Black Attorney General without due process.

A rumor inciting Washington DC and interested parties is that Attorney General Eric Holder could, conceivably, be put in the Old Capitol Prison for what the US House of Representatives considers his "contempt" in not producing more information about a scheme with Mexico gone bad called Fast and Furious.  This "prison" flashback image was created from comments made by former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said she could have put Republican adviser Karl Rove in the Old Capitol Prison for being in contempt by withholding information from Congress.  Of course, Karl Rove is a surrogate for all things Republican.  Now, Republican House Speaker Boehner might be in a tit-for-tat power struggle of "one-upsmanship", with Holder being the surrogate for President Obama.

(Boehner's ego saying, "Hey, if Pelosi could put Karl Rover in jail, then I can do better than her....".)

This bru-ha-ha erupted like a conflagration in an old dry forest because Attorney General Holder didn't produce documents Republicans like Issa want to see regarding the Mexican Fast and Furious operation, where guns wound up in the hands of drug lords.

Sadly, people were murdered as a result of the debacle including an American ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms) agent, but Eric Holder was not responsible for this fiasco. What Issa's committee wants is more information about the incident - more than the 7000 (seven thousand) pages they already have.  

In other words, information Issa wants isn't enough to lynch President Obama for this Mexican scheme, so his committee is going after his Attorney General instead. In fact, the entire operation was begun by the Republican Bush administration.

Is...aaah..."Issa" holding Holder in contempt without due process?  Is...aaah...."Issa" recreating Jim Crow if he puts Holder in the Old Capitol Prison, just because he can?  Is...aaah..."Issa" in need of a civil rights history lesson?  Is...aaah...Issa practicing Racial-McCarythism?  The answer is...aaah.... yes, yes, yes yes and yes.

At this point, the conflagration between Holder and Issa are blinding facts of the case. Facts are victim to smoke inhalation fueled by the heat in Washington DC.

If Attorney General Holder needs a reprimand for an incident caused by the former administration, he is likewise entitled to due process.  At this point, not one ATF agent or Republican Bush administration official has been questioned about this incident or the related information.

Republicans have been frothing at the bit to hold President Obama up as a red herring for anything to dust up political muckraking.  Now, they're desperately resorting to using a surrogate to get to the President, using racial-McCarthyism to capture headlines.  This mishandling of a Black Attorney General is another example of how Republicans are practicing regressive politics.  They need to read "Letter From a Birmingham Jail".

Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote: "I feel that you are men of genuine good will and that your criticisms are sincerely set forth, I want to try to answer your statement in what I hope will be patient and reasonable terms." It's an epitaph Issa should pay attention to, an echo of King's message for people who leap to conclusions. 



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