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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shout Out to Nuns on the Bus!

News media alert! More attention to Nuns on the Bus please! 

While Republicans typically bow to the religious right wing of the party, they're withholding their response to Nuns on the Bus who are traveling behind Governor Romney's campaign stops to advocate in support people living in poverty.

While Congress is entrenched in partisan politics, a dedicated group of women religious are bringing focus to the moral issues of our day.  Unemployment and cuts to poverty programs are leading more middle class people into poverty while the US Congress defeats the anti-women equal pay for women act.  Congress is also cutting food stamps. This not only hurts the poor, but it also impacts on the income of farmers who project their income based upon consumption. Cutting poverty programs shifts costs of caring for the poor to other sectors of society, often more costly than offering basic assistance.

Moreover, the brave religious women are going against the intentions of the Roman Catholic hierarchy who directed them to spend more time supporting church issues. 

"These nuns are on a road trip protesting proposed federal budget cuts and rejecting what the Vatican is saying about them.

They made two previous stops before coming to downtown South Bend to Congressman Joe Donnelly’s office Friday on the fifth day of their tour.

The women are speaking out against proposed cuts in programs for the poor and working families in the federal budget that was passed by the House of Representatives and proposed by Rep. Paul D. Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican. They also aim to deliver a spirited reply to the Vatican that has accused the nuns of being outspoken on issues of social justice, but silent on other issues the church considers crucial such abortion and gay marriage." (SouthBendTribune)

Representative Paul Ryan is a Roman Catholic, but has not yet met with the Nuns on the Bus to discuss their concerns.  It seems to me, a good Roman Catholic would be respectful of the Nuns on the Bus by listening to and responding to their positions.

This "Shout Out" blog is in support of Nuns on the Bus for their bravery.  Unfortunately, news media have abandoned coverage of news about the growing number of people living in poverty.  Governor Romney even said he isn't concerned about the poor.

It's time to Shout Down right wing tax cutting zealots who, by the grace of God, aren't yet in poverty.  

Let's Shout Out to Nuns on the Bus and even join them when possible!  Even better, shout out to all Americans who join these women in their noble mission to bring moral backbone to national domestic social policy.

But news media should join the Nuns on the Bus, (I believe Bill Moyers is doing just that),  to provide an echo to the shout out in support of their worthy mission.

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