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Friday, June 29, 2012

Supreme Court Justices Vote in the Absence of Political Action Committee Millions

Americans certainly have their ups and downs with the US Supreme Court, but at least their landmark decisions are influenced by how each Justice interprets the law.  God help us if the Supreme Court makes a decision based upon negative television ads paid for by political action committees.

Of course, being somehow above the influence of paid political advertising doesn't necessarily equate to good decision making, but at least the Supreme Court is the exempt branch of government not subject to unbridled brainwashing.

Republicans are furious because the Health Care Reform law was found Constitutional by the Chief John Roberts Supreme Court. But these are political emotions without practical application.  When Republicans want to get their own way, they get rich friends to give them money to pay for political advertising to influence public opinion their way.  At least this type of voter education through paid media isn't impacting our US Supreme Court - at least, that's the way I see it.

Regardless of whether or not we agree with any, none or all Supreme Court rulings, we have some confidence in the court's ability to apply the law to their rulings rather than politics.  Although Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas test this hypotheses about law over politics, I give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's hope they, also, vote based on their interpretation of the law uninfluenced by political action committee advertising.

Representative Cantor, Republican of Virginia, says he's calling for a House of Representative vote to repeal the health care reform law now ruled Constitutional by the Supreme Court yesterday.  Well, he's wasting tax payers time  and money.  Besides, Representative Cantor's health insurance for himself and his family, is paid for by the US Government.  What Representative Cantor really wants is to stir up negative public opinion without any factual basis.  In fact, the health reform law is loaded with Republican values.  The law helps real people to access quality, affordable health services AND pay for it with insurance they are required to pay for.  It's about individual responsibility!  Moreover, the law supports the growth of insurance exchanges where people can shop their own coverage!  What's more Republican than giving business to insurance companies?  Representative Cantor and his colleagues don't speak to the uninsured when they go on the national media and preach negative rhetoric against health care reform.

Of course, Representative Cantor will call on rich political action committee money to influence voters to support his wasteful opposition to the health care reform law.  This is already happening.

We know the health care reform law will help people to access health care because it will bring down the cost of health insurance.  The alternative to the law was to regress back to a time when people bartered for health care, because insurance coverage was unaffordable for millions of middle class Americans.

My recommendation to Republicans who can't quite get over one of their own, Chief Justice John Roberts, ruling to support the Constitutionality of the health care reform law, is to read a Civics 101 book.  Our US Supreme Court has remained above the undue influence of paid advertising to provide a Constitutional check and balance on the health care reform law.  In other words, ACA is now law based upon judicial decisions rather than on public opinion.


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