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Monday, June 25, 2012

My Egyptian Zen Prophesy - Elections and Governing

My February 2011 blog (link above) titled Egyptian Zen, prophesied the political anxiety stirred by the outcome of Egyptian elections held over the past weekend. Obviously, I'm not a reporter of prophesy, but I didn't have to be either one to make my prediction.

In other words, the Egyptian Spring's election may have bought on an unexpected frost.  Rather than electing someone who Westerners might consider to be politically secular, the people picked, instead, a conservative religious leader.

Journalist Richard Engel reports the Conservative Muslim Mohammed Morsi is the new Egyptian president, the first one ever elected by this country where the roots of modern civilization began with the rise the Pharaohs.

"Morsi becomes Egypt’s fifth president, following Mubarak, who was president for nearly 30 years before mass protests across the country forced him to resign in February 2011."

Although Egyptians demonstrated their collective genius by building extraordinary architectural and social systems, they are only now understanding the risks and benefits of living under a popularly elected democracy. As in any democratic process, the governing is more challenging than politics. As I wrote in February 2011, "Egyptian Zen", we'll see if the democratic process really works in a country where benevolent, powerful pharaohs have been the cultural, as well as political leaders. By a margin of about 51.7 percent, the Egyptians seem to have elected their image of the Biblical Moses to lead them into democracy. Whether or not this metaphor works to bring the people out of the dessert and into the light of freedom still remains to be seen. 

Will Mohammed Morsi deliver on his acceptance speech promise to be the President of all the people, including the 48 percent who didn't vote for him?

In Egyptian Zen, the answer is "we'll see".

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