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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Majority Agenda and Revisionist History

Revisionist- any advocate of doctrines, theories, or practices that depart from established authority or doctrine.

Revisionism is a subtle way of lying.  But, revisionist messages are saturating television political messaging and will get much worse as the 2012 election is imminent.

New Majority Agenda political action committee commercials spend mega-$millions to misinform Americans about President Obama's administration, by revising facts about his administration.

For example, revisionism begins with a story about how adult children are moving back home due to the economy, continuing to the tangential statement about how the US borrows money from China.  Facts:  Children began moving in with their parents long before President Obama was elected, this is not a current phenomenon of the economy. US borrowing money heavily from China has been an issue for well over a decade.  

Although the New Majority Agenda ads wrongly interpret facts, the most egregious statement leads voters to believe President Obama is the only President in history to ever borrow money.This is revisionism in it's pure form- a lie.

By creating a media environment where lies are accepted as truth, some right wing Twitterzins are spreading alarming revisionist history by micro-blogging even more lies. They revise economic theory about taxes, claiming tax cuts will solve the nation's unemployment problem. But, economists write about our nation's unemployment would be helped by more government investment in constructing stronger bridges, improve highways and build high speed railroads- some provisions included in the President's Jobs Bill, rejected by the US Congress. 

Even more remarkable, revisionists are even re-creating facts about the assassination of evil terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden and how President Obama executed the order. Two direct quotes from my Twitter feed:  From Dan Ames (@Dan1Ames)  "Anybody in his position would have made the same choice."   From James (@jimmy10campbell) "I'm pretty sure anyone would have done that move if they were president."

Revisionism so close to the facts of history is unusual while most Americans still recall the real facts.  Truth, by all accounts, supports how President Obama made the risky decision to kill Bin Laden in spite of skepticism from his national security team.  It's simply not true that "anyone" would have overridden Pakistan's sovereignty by ordering US Navy Seals to kill the terrorist.  It involved the invasion of a rather unreliable ally!  

Revisionism unchecked becomes like a broken water pipe.  Eventually, the flood of lies damages everything in its path.  

New Majority Agenda spreads revisionism using money the group would never consider giving to the poor. One way to fix this group is to cut out the root cause - ie, the anonymity of the donors.   

Lies are blinded by the light of truth. Disclosing the names of the people who perpetrate the New Majority Agenda lies can put light on the perpetrators of revisionism. Disclosure can prevent the spreading of revisionism before it morphs into even more lies.  Yet, the Citizens United ruling by the US Supreme Court protects the revisionist donors from defending their media mis-information messaging.

Tragically, there simply isn't enough money left over from responsible donors to counter the flood of New Majority Agenda revisionist lies.  It's up to voters to realize the intentions of New Majority Agenda by reading the truth.  

New Majority Agenda's media messages are negative propaganda. Voters should be outraged by the Supreme Court's interpretation of our Constitutional freedom of speech rights allowing such lies to go unchecked.



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