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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Those Who Stayed - We Children of Immigrants

A side bar in The Week June 22, 2012:  
"Among the companies listed on the Fortune 500 in 2010, 204 werer founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants. Time"  (p. 34 The Week)

It's impossible to understand why Republicans are opposed to immigrants achieving legal status. It's a moral issue, but their reflex action is to create a misplaced political bru-ha-ha about how to care for people who simply want access to the American Dream for their children, and they're willing to work to achieve it. 

All who share our DNA with immigrant ancestors have a moral obligation to reach out and help other immigrants. Like our own ancestors, immigrants would rather endure the experience of discrimination and deportation in the US than return to their various countries of origin, where opportunities are mired in conflict and corruption.  Children of immigrants were brought to America by parents who took huge risks to get them here.  More to the point, we're all children of immigrants.  Thankfully, all of us stayed here.  

When Governor Romney can't articulate a shared compassionate response with President Obama, who announced his administration's policy supporting children of immigrants remaining in the US, it's another indication of how disconnected the entire Republican party is from caring about real people - middle class people.  

Let's not forget how candidate Romney said he didn't care about the very poor, and now it shows.

As for the President's policy to support children of immigrants staying in the US as being a political move, well, of course there's politics involved, but, who cares?  

Of course, Republicans lash out about the politics of the issue, while the truth is, supporting and caring for immigrants and their children exposes their hypocritical skin to morality.

As for Arizona's Governor Brewer's position about competition for jobs among legal and illegal immigrants, due to the compassionate nature of the President's order, there's simply no data to substantiate such claims.

Rather, the real data supporting the President's immigration policy are those of us who stayed. We children of immigrants have created Fortune 500 companies and grown America's economy. 

We children of immigrants thank President Obama for overriding the impotent US Congress by doing something to support others who are following in our footsteps.



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