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Saturday, May 05, 2012

President Obama Push Back on Republican Negative Sound Bites of the Day

Republican presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney comes out with a negative sound bite of the day to politically slam President Obama, putting the opposition Democratic re-election team on defense.

It's another "swift boat" negative campaign technique whereby lies make "news" before the light of truth can be heard in the same news cycle.  It works like this: regardless of whether or not voters believed hurtful political lies, ie, the swift boat attack against candidate John Kerry, their heads become so full of negativity, they are unable to absorb any positive rebuttal messaging.

So, every day we hear candidate Romney with a short negative sound bite. For example, about Chinese dissident Chen's recent request to leave the US embassy in China, Romney says, "If  true, it's a dark day for freedom....".....(whatever that means?

Point being, it doesn't have to mean anything at all, so long as the statement is perceived as a negative comment against President Obama.

I'm a fan of the spiritual physician Deepok Chopra, who teaches us to replace negativity with positivity.
Chopra says the only way to remove negativity from our thoughts is by "inculcating" our brain with positive thoughts.  Well, I'm not sure this is a curable political strategy for the brain.  I believe human brains are politically defaulted to absorb the negative.  Politically speaking, the only way to trump negative political messaging, is to take on the negative message and push back.

In other words, when Romney says it's a dark day for freedom, it's time for Democrats to say, "that's a lie!".

We can't just assume Romney is spewing negative political rhetoric without an equally bold rebuttal to be broadcast in the same news cycle as the first outrageously negative remark.  If Romney's negative comment of the day doesn't make sense, then, the equal and opposite rebuttal should rise to the occasion.

Every time Romney has a microphone, from now on, he'll spew a refreshed negative comment of the day. Quickly, the negative energy will build momentum, growing into such force that it will be exceedingly difficult for any message to pierce the armor of Republican lies.

Chopra is a master at creating positive energy for those human minds willing to make the exchange, but negative strategist Karl Rove style politicians won't allow the electorate that choice.  Rather, they want all negative, all the time.

Thankfully, no more evil Bin Laden's are around to bury at sea between now and election time.  But, somehow, the same bold strategy that risked killing Osama Bin Laden is needed to push back on the cumulative impact of negative Romney sound bites each day, beginning right now!

Here are some examples of negative issues Democrats can use (a) rail on Romney's inability to be candid about his tax returns, (b) demanding to know how Romney can preach for repeal of Obamacare when his own Romneycare in place in Massachusetts is the same plan, (c) reminding voters how Romney was a mediocre one term governor of Massachusetts where many profanely call his political policies "fullofmitt" (d) how Romney never pushed back on right wing extremists (RWE-RWEs) when they began their "war on women" (e) asking Romney if he believes in contraception or not? (f) ask Romney, directly, whether or not he's a Christian, and for him to prove it with a baptismal certificate.

Democrats typically abhor antics like those described above, but when Republicans are already swinging negativity everywhere, there's simply no recourse but to compete with equal and opposite negativity.  Otherwise, the November election could be another Karl Rove finish.


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