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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Economic Assault on the Middle Class- Congress is Not a Middle Class Group

A red-blue line chart in the above link shows how 1934 was the last time Americans saw a balance between individual and corporate taxes to pay for funding government services.  Ever since then, the widening gap between the two tax revenue sources has grown embarrassingly large. Corporate revenues are shrinking, going south on the chart, while individual sources spike upward.

This chart is an economic assault on the Middle Class because the blue line represents the bulk of the tax payers, in other words, the middle class.

This chart is a dangerous trend of anti-middle class public policy assaults where the Republican Party is intent on opposing tax fairness.

Moreover, lukewarm support by Governor Romney for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the law requiring equal pay for equal work, supporting women, demonstrates duplicity.  How can Romney give speeches about putting women on public assistance to work, while not demonstrating support for equal pay?  Another economic middle class assault, harming the welfare of women.

Republicans are typically anti-union because collective bargaining can take chunks of money out of profits for the purpose of writing labor contracts. But anti-middle class economic policies will drive worker unrest- look at Wisconsin, where people are in a state of civil strife because the Republican Governor Scott Walker launched a union busting campaign.  Regardless of the outcome of the Wisconsin assault on the middle class by Governor Walker, the divisiveness caused by his lack of leadership has cost the state in low employee morale, political cynicism about Walker's administration and related lost productivity.

Yet another economic assault on the middle class was levied this week, when the US Congress voted to oppose the tax fairness law called the "Buffet Rule". In other words, the law would have required millionaires and billionaires to pay more in taxes, at least at the 30 percent level.  A clear majority of Americans support the Buffet Rule concept.  A majority of Americans supported the Buffet Rule, but Congress opposed it.  Perhaps, this is because many in our US Government are among the millionaires who would pay more in taxes if the law passed?  Our US tax money made these greedy elected officials into millionaires, but many of them don't want to vote for a law that would pay back their fair share.

Hello? Middle Class? Are you listening?

There's an economic assault being launched on those of us who are not millionaires.  Nonetheless, somehow Republican strategists are convincing some, especially right wing extremists, that our economic problems are related to the poor on welfare.  I say "welfare" is the money we pay government officials who will not speak truth to the American people.  They use our tax money to create regressive economic policies.

We are the majority who must vote to protect economic policies that grow the middle class.

If Republicans really care about the middle class, they would speak the truth - America grows when the middle class is supported rather than assaulted.

Democrats should carry the red-blue line chart pictured in the link above to every political rally this year.  Perhaps, this line graph should be a power point slide displayed on the wall of the US Congress whenever tax policy is debated.

But, I'd add a third line to the graph.  Let's put a green line on the chart to show how US Congressional  salaries have grown while corporate taxes have declined and individuals are paying more.

My point is, the US Congress has left the Middle Class even while they are supposed to represent us.



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