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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Karl Rove Creates a New Political Form - The Jealousy-Negative Ad

As though negative ads needed more ill will attached to them, political strategist "with an attitude"
Karl Rove is credited with a new style of political discourse. I call it the jealousy-negative ad.

Rove is clearly jealous of President Obama's self deprecating ability to connect with younger
voters, as demonstrated in recent late night television among other venues.

Connecting with anything young or "hip" are traits Rove lost the ability to do when he turned 6 months old.

So, rather than create political discourse based upon issues or facts, Rove is responsible for an ad attacking President Obama's charisma - clearly a character trait Rove would buy if a transplant of it were offered.

My advice to Mr. Uncool Rove - you're wasting your clients money - millions of dollars of it!

While the base of people who are uglier and more mean spirited than you are probably become energized by your jealous attack on President Obama, the purpose of this blog is to push back on such wasteful political discourse.

Mr. Rove, you will do everything unethical or untruthful to win an election.  We've come to expect that from you and your negative ad cronies.  But to throw your personal uncool jealousy into the mix is creating a lower media form than any of the above.

Stick to political facts, Mr. Rove! Your jealous attacks against President Obama are baseless and even more unbecoming than your grumpy demeanor.


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